1655 GRUYERE - 1/2 pound wedge


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Jean-Marie Dunand runs the village dairy at 3,000 ft above sea level, contributing to the partnership between Fromagerie Le Cret and the Affineurs at Fromage Gruyère SA.
The story behind the 1655 name is this: In that year, a nobleman's carriage was being attacked by thieves near the home of local cheesemaking brothers, the Rime brothers. The brothers fought off the thieves and brought the nobleman to their home and fed him what they considered a meager meal of their homemade Gruyere cheese. Weeks later, one of the nobleman's men came to their house and told them that the nobleman was smitten with the cheese and that the Rime brothers would be paid handsomely to make cheese for the man and his family. This traditional cheese has been made since and is now called 1655 to commemorate that event.
The "1655" line of Gruyere are cheeses pulled from their cooperative dairies that have been rigorously tested and awarded the highest grade. The cheese has a silken texture and fudgey mouthfeel with a cashew-nutty and sweet alpine flavor. A perfect companion for a crisp white wine or Belgian ale.

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