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Our Most Popular Events

The 7 Styles of Cheese & Pairings

Our original class that earned our reputation for "one of the best food experiences!" Enjoy 7 different styles of cheese, each paired uniquely with accompaniments ranging from chocolate to cured meat to preserves.

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Perfect Pairings Series

Cheese is a perfect pairing food, and we've got numerous classes to dive deeper. Select from our Cured Meats, Honey, Chocolate, Preserves, Pickles, Conservas, and Vinegars pairing events. You'll receive 5-7 cheeses and pairings.

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Taste of Place Series

From a France to Italy to Spain...to right here in the US of A, these classes focus on celebrating the history, terroir, and foods of a specific country. Be transported without ever leaving your seat.

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One-of-a-Kind Series

Soft, ooey-gooey cheeses. The world of goudas or cheddars. Get Your Goat On. In this series, we pick a specific type of cheese and dive deeper for the obsessed fans out there who can't get enough.

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Raclette Dinner Series

Few things are better in this world than hot, melted cheese. In this event, you get to scrape cheese straight onto your plate of potatoes, pickles, greens and optional cured meats and breads.

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Cheese With A Purpose

Our Mission is to "Do Good. Eat Good." Join us as we Spread Joy across the globe, one bite at a time.

Curated Cheese Tastings

Award-winning cheese tasting experiences led by our cheesemongers are offered at our Cheese House.

Connecting Cheese Lovers Everywhere

Let us guide you through a private tasting - we promise to keep you smiling the entire time.

Cheese 101 Blog

Grilled Cheese For The People!

Accessible yet limitless, the grilled cheese gives us both the blueprint and the freedom to create culinary magic. While one cannot go wrong with the classic ingredients that are available even at a gas station convenience mart, follow our lead into the higher realms to uncover greater levels of grilled goodness. We tackle each of the seven styles of cheese – precisely to let it be known that all of them have a place at the table during grilled cheese time!

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What is Raw Milk Cheese?
Some of the first and most popular cheeses of the world are made with raw milk. Take Roquefort or Comte from France, and the classic Swiss Gruyère as examples. Not only are they delicious and safe, they also stay true to the tradition and historical cheesemaking processes while honoring the milk, animals, and farmers that produce it. 

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Cheese Club Picks: May 2023

Every month we send out dozens of boxes of cheese to our Antonelli's Cheese Club Members, where we get the chance to show-off a rare selection of cheeses from our friends in the industry! Most cheeses aren't available in our shop (or anywhere around town!), so our Cheese Club Members get the ultimate exclusivity. The theme for May 2023 was "Taste of Place: The Mountains." 

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Find your soul cheese with us.