Just Keep Smilin'

Yesterday, I was left speechless after a discussion with a gentleman named Robert.... which never happens, because I'm always talking. Or rather, I wasn't speechless because what started as a soft cry turned into sobbing uncontrollably. Let me back up. It felt like a rough morning. Nothing life shattering. Just wanting to pull my hair out as the kids fought over who cooked the bacon, shoes were thrown across the room by the boy, the girl changed clothes three times (and she's only 4!), and I lost my temper. Not a proud mama moment. I just didn't have any patience and was feeling irritable. John let me know I needed to get the car inspected, since he was pulled over by an officer the evening before on his way home from work. (Side story: our car is in date but it's wrong in their system. Lovely. So gotta get a new inspection anyway!) I arrived early to Arbor Lube Center only to find they didn't open for another 20 minutes. I figured, "What the heck," turned up my seat heater, turned up NPR, and closed my eyes. Ah. No children screaming. I can actually hear the news (not that you necessarily want to). But just peace. Then a man arrived to start opening the building. As he was putting a sign out, he neared the car. I worried he'd be upset with me, thinking I was demanding service early. I quickly let him know I was just waiting til open and not to bother with me. He responded, "No worries ma'am. Welcome to Arbor Lube Center. I'm setting up but will be with you shortly." And he smiled and calmly went about his duties. I just smiled back and immediately relaxed. His simple acknowledgement, gesture, smile, and moment of his day changed the whole pace of my day. And he could've just ignored me until open. Fast forward a bit, and turns out the inspector was scheduled to arrive a bit later, so I planned to head out. I quickly asked Robert if I could take a selfie with him so I could send his employer's a note about his great service and post to facebook. Next thing I knew, he was thanking me and we were both teary-eyed. Robert said, "You know, we are all smart, intelligent, rational human beings. Just look around you anywhere at all that we can achieve. Why can't we all learn to get along and love each other? ... You keep smiling. You keep loving. You keep that light. And don't let anyone take that from you." Thank you Robert for truly turning my day around and spreading your light and love to me. So those are my words to pass to you today.

Beer and Cheese Pairing

Service Beyond the Counter

Our last #CharitableCheeseCause for the year is our annual Beer & Cheese Pairing at (512)Brewing benefiting Slow Food Austin. It's coming up quickly (and almost sold out) for Thursday 12/13 at 6:30pm; ticket details here. Slow Food Austin is an all volunteer run chapter of Slow Food USA and Slow Food International, celebrating food that is "good, clean, and fair." Moreover, it's about a lifestyle: "We believe that life should be savored, shared with others, lived in harmony, transforming every meal into a unique and unforgettable experience. We believe in elevating the quality of our food and taking time to enjoy it is a simple way to infuse our daily lives with joy. We stand against the folly of fast life. It is impossible to ignore the strong connection between plate and planet. Behind every plate, there are people that made it possible - the food producers that uphold traditions in cultivation or production that work to nourish and satisfy us." Come escape the hustle and bustle of the season as we tell you all about the makers behind the foods, how we pair them with the beers, and what makes it one of the best events of the year (secret - the community; that's you!). #DoGoodEatGood


Cheese'n Through the Season

We've added a handful more events and cheese tasting classes, just in case you get the hankering this holiday season! Check out our full calendar of events here.

Thu 12/6 (6:30pm) - Cheese 101: Seven Styles of Cheese (5 seats left!)

Tue 12/11 (6:30pm) - Cheese-y Holiday Rumble: A Taste Off

Sat 12/15 (11:30am) - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!


The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Can't think of what to get your favorite person? Or that office colleague in the secret santa swap? Or your in-laws who "have everything"? No worries; we've got you covered. Check out some of our top sellers here. Don't see what you need? Reach out to see if we can help, or drop by the Hyde Park shop anytime for them to build a custom gift basket with you. Happy Cheese-ing!

Cheese Club Subscription - Available in 3, 6, or 12 months and shipped nationwide. We bring in some awesome selections just for our club members - from folks we can't support yearly to super small batch production to "accident" cheese that ends up being amazing. We rotate through different themes, ensuring members will always love something - if not everything - in their monthly goodie package. Details here.

Tickets to a Cheese Class - We've got a handful of December seats still open (see below), and soon we'll be posting our January schedule, as well as some fun Spring events like our annual Cheese-y Bus Tour. If you aren't sure what date your people can attend, just gift them a gift card that's good for 2 tickets to (most) of our cheese classes.

Good Food Gift Basket - We offer an assortment of gift options in almost any price range. Visit our online shop, noting we ship weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Don't see what you need? Come on in for a visit and let's see if we can work it out.

Stay Cheese-y!

John & Kendall & The Most Amazing, Hardworking, Passionate Team of Good Food Advocates Around... (We are grateful for you team!)