(Channeling) The Power to Say No

Inhale. Exhale. This time of year... I know the holidays can be a bit chaotic for some folks. For those of us in retail, it's super crazy (if we're lucky). Indeed, the majority of our yearly revenue comes from November and December - hopefully giving us enough to live off of the rest of the year. So thank you for that (and for keeping us on that errand list). In addition to that, this year has had highs and challenges, and as we work our way through that, John and I are really trying to harness the power to say no, or rather, tell ourselves it's okay to make some boundaries. You see, we created this business - and merged personal with professional - because we like fluidity and we don't work well with fixed boundaries. But there are times when you have to acknowledge your limit(ations). So right now, we're saying "no" to almost everything. We go to work during the day and go home at night. Really nothing else. No extra meetings, appointments, commitments... It may seem easy to "say no" when you think of all the networking events but it's tricky when it's about attending that dear friend's party, hitting up that tree lighting, or even missing my son's holiday party at school. But I'm telling myself it's okay. Because if we do it all, we will truly miss the reason for our season. So instead, we're going home each night, watching our son turn on the fireplace (his new responsibility to his delight), cooking dinner early and not in a rushed panic, and just being. Being together. Being "calm" (if anyone has ever called our Antonelli crew calm!). Just being. The irony is that, for us at this time right now, we need to forego all those extra, seasonal "must dos" for us to celebrate the season. So, here's to you and yours and however you are choosing to spend this time of year - whether it's hitting up every holiday party you can find or snuggling up at home with a kid or furry friend (or really good onesie). (And dare we suggest that cheese is great for both?!)

Cider Release Party

Gather round, cheese & ciders aficionados! 'Tis the season for merriment and joy and all that good stuff but more importantly to celebrate the arrival of the limited time Texas Keeper Cider Noir, a delicious and decadent winter concoction made with 100% Northern Spy apples that have been fermented with extra dark Belgian candied sugar, pecans, and orange peel. On Friday, December 14 from 12pm to 4pm, we'll be throwing a launch party celebrating the 2018 debut this Texas Keeper Cider darling at the Antonelli's Cheese Shop in Hyde Park. One of our Texas Keeper friends and cider expert will be on-site providing sips that will be paired with a specially selected holiday cheese bite. This cider is only available for a short time, and we're thrilled to feature it on our shelves for another season. Get it before it's gone! This is a free event, but be sure to RSVP here to ensure that all interested are able to participate!

December Classes & Private Events

  • Thu 12/11 (6:30pm) - Cheese-y Holiday Rumble - A Tasting of our Favorite Seasonal versus Year-round Cheeses (5 tickets left!)
  • Sat 12/15 (11am) - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese... Oh My! A Cured Meats and Cheese Pairing (newly added to the schedule and already halfway to sold out; info here!)
  • Sat 12/22 (11am) - Cheese-y Holiday Rumble - A Tasting of our Favorite Seasonal versus Year-round Cheeses (newly added and also halfway sold; details here.)
  • Sat 12/29 - Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese (Since all others are sold out, we decided to throw in everyone's favorite class and squeeze one more in before we ring in the new year. Join us!)

And that'll be a wrap for our 2018 classes. Remember that you can still book your private holiday party or tasting. Whether for your book club or your office party, we'd love to host you for a Cheese Tasting & Pairing - either in our Cheese House, at your house or office, or wherever you choose. Inquiry details here.

January Class Schedule Released

No rest for the weary~ we'll be launching straight into 2019 with a full lineup of classes, including some of your favorites, as well as first offerings. That's right, you better make sure your New Year's resolutions include cheese consumption, because yours truly (Kendall) will be holding a cheese tasting class specifically on the health benefits of eating cheese. We've got a handful of other events to be released soon, but we wanted to make sure to get some on the calendar so you can give the perfect gift this holiday season, by gifting tickets to a cheese class... Get your pencils, notebooks, and bellies ready! Our full schedule is here.

Cheese in the News

We got a fun opportunity to pick some of our favorite cheeses and ideal pairings for a new Wine Spectator feature. Appreciations to Rob for reaching out to us. You can check out our fave cheese pics and the article here.

Your Holiday Toolkit

Need gift ideas? Check these out (and email Kendall for bulk ordering options).

Need a cheese tray for a party? Details here. And don't forget we're happy to host your holiday event, or you can simply rent out our Cheese House for your event. Happy Holidays! Email Brenda for event details.

Stay Cheese-y!

John & Kendall & The Most Amazing, Hardworking, Passionate Team of Good Food Advocates Around... (We are grateful for you team!)