New Taste of Place Classes

And We're Off
The Antonelli Family is headed to Spain! Years ago, when I was pregnant with our first child and sad that he'd never meet my father (who passed away unexpectedly when I was in college), John gently asked me what I wanted his legacy to be with our family. I responded that my love of diverse cultures and peoples, my sense of adventure, and my gratitude for what I have all come from traveling at a young age. (My father had major wanderlust, which led him to help open a dental clinic in the Himalayas in Nepal to Honduras and more.) John said, "Well, let's do it. Let's travel abroad with the kids every other year. We have a goal to know our producers and how our products are made. We can put it all together." I laughed through my tears. How can we travel when we just opened a shop, we're not netting profit, and we can barely get a day off? His response: "If we don't try, it will never happen." And here we are years later, living that dream. Thanks, John. So, we'll be out of the country for a bit - hauling two kids around Spain to visit almost 20 producers. And when we come back, boy will we have stories to tell, as well as the reassurance that our Spanish producers are living up to our #DoGoodEatGood mission as well. (Here's to the team for holding down the fort, as they always do!)

In The Shop
How does a Missourian ask for cheese? They say, "Show Me!" This week in the Cheese Shop we're excited to feature a producer from The Show-Me State, Green Dirt Farm! Thirty miles north of Kansas City, the folks at Green Dirt Farm take exceptional care of their land through intensive grazing, and of their sheep, adhering to Animal Welfare Approved practices. The health of their pastures and herd translates into deeply flavorful award-winning cheeses with a unique taste of place. Currently, in the Cheese Shop, we're featuring Green Dirt Farm's Aux Arcs and Tuffet!

Aux Arcs ("Ozark"), is a sheep and cow's milk blend made in the style of those ever-versatile French and Swiss mountain cheeses. Made during the summer and fall while the herds are munching on diverse pasture, Aux Arcs is washed with a salt brine for a month, then allowed to develop a mushroomy natural rind. Its dense and toothsome paste is nutty and rich, with slight hints of tropical fruit. Aux Arcs is an ideal melter for a grilled cheese between slices of Easy Tiger Pain au Levain, or alongside your favorite hoppy beer like Rogue Ales' 7 Hop IPA.

Tuffet is a tangy soft-ripened sheep's milk cheese that Little Miss Muffet would have undoubtedly savored. Under its delicate, yeasty rind is a dense but fluffy and tart paste. Along with a cold flute of sparkling wine or spread on a moreish Effie's Oatcake, this lactic button has plenty of attitudes to stand up to any pairing.

Taste of Spain, Italy, and France
Okay, okay. Here's hoping that some of you get to do a little traveling this summer. But the reality is that many folks don't. So we're here to do our part to help you escape - at least for an evening. We've just announced a handful of new "Taste of Place" classes, featuring Spain, Italy, and France.
Whether you take one or all three, we hope it transports you to a different time and place for the evening, as well as gives you a sense of what the cheesemaking tradition is like in those countries and what their specific terroir is (a concept we'll dive into during the tasting). You'll get seven cheeses with pairings from preserves to chocolate, as well as accompaniments of olives, nuts, and bread. Check out our complete summer schedule of classes here, get more info, or book a class.

Taste of Spain - June 11, June 14
Taste of Italy - June 29
Taste of France - July 13

Ever wondered what our Cheese Bus Tours are all about? And did you know you can book one as a private tour for a group? Well, you can read all about it on local blogger Mary Anne MacMorran's page here, after her recent experience with us. And remember, you can now book a private tasting online immediately from the comfort of your chair. And don't forget you can rent our Cheese House as space rental for your next business gathering or meeting. Check out our options here.

Our Cheese Around Town
We're so grateful for all the awesome partners that source through us. And we love following along in the drool-worthy dishes they create. heck out this Cavatelli with smoked tomato, harissa, Aleppo, and locally-made Manos de Dios (by Revelation Cheese in Meridian). This dish is courtesy of Launderette...where you'll probably find us tonight. Yum!

Stay Cheese-y Austin,
Kendall & John
& The Most Amazing, Hardworking, Passionate Team of Good Food Advocates Around... (We are grateful for your team!)