National Salami Day...

National Salami Day!
In our true food-obsessed fashion, there's a holiday to celebrate everything. And we're excited to pass along that this Saturday is National Salami Day! Of course, we've got a few minor suggestions of how you can celebrate... First and foremost, we're hosting one of our Perfect Pairings: Cured Meats & Cheeses tasting classes this Saturday. From small format to large format, whole muscle to ground, spiced to smokey, come taste some of the best-cured meats America has to offer. Don't know what any of that means? That's fine! That's what we do in our tasting classes - while you get to eat. We'll be pairing meats with our fave cheeses, as well as savory and sweet pairings. Ticket details here.

Can't make it to class but still want a taste? You can taste any and all of our cured meats in the shop for free and fun. Yes, just as we have an entire case dedicated to cheese, we've also got an entire case dedicated to cured meats. In fact, did you know that we have been the first shop that many domestic producers have shipped to nationwide, outside of their home states? Due to specific permitting and health code requirements, at this time, there are no "cured meats" producers in Texas who can sell for re-sell (so go support them directly when you can!). While it's our goal to continue to help those folks along in whatever we can, we're thrilled and honored that many of the producers we carry took that first leap with us. In fact, we were the first to bring Smoking Goose Meatery (IN) into the state of Texas and we're still the only Texan locale where you can source Underground Meats (WI). Add to those solid producers like La Quercia (IO) and Olympia Provisions (OR), and we've got some of the best-cured meats around.

Back-to-School for Adults!
Okay, y'all. Don't let those kiddos have all the fun. Raise your hand if you loved school supply shopping, trapper keepers, and special pens. (Yes, I just gained the respect of half of you and lost the other half. Hah!) But if you're ready to pursue your own professional and personal development, come take a class with us. You can learn as much as you want, or just sit back and enjoy the flavor experience. Check out our events schedule here, noting a few highlights below. And remember, you can always view all our upcoming public classes or book your own private tasting.

Sat 9/7 (11-1pm) - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
Mon 9/9 (6:30-8:30pm) - Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese
Thu 9/12 (6:30-8:30pm) - Soft Cheeses that Pair with Bubbles (A BYOB class)
Sun 9/15 (12:30-2:30pm) - Date Day: An Antonelli's Cheese Experience for Two
Sat 10/5 (10-6) - Cheesey Bus Tour to Pure Luck Farm and Infinite Monkey Theorem

Our Cheese Around Town
Cheese on salad? Yes, please!! 40 North may be known for their Neapolitan pizzas (and they are awesome!), but they've got some amazing salads as well! Next time you go, check out this Kale beauty that features two Italian cheeses - Gorgonzola Dolce DOP from the Piedmont region, and Pecorino Romano DOP from the Roman countryside!

In Your Words
We recently had the pleasure of hosting an intimate wedding in our Cheese House. Here was the feedback we received. I tried to cut it down, but it's just too awesome not to share. Thank YOU to our customers who allow us to do what we love daily:

As you all know, I had the distinct privilege of marrying the greatest person I know recently at your establishment. You opened your home and hearts to us for an event that would forever change our lives and for that kindness we thank you all. Now, having had time to settle in and appreciate the day, I don't know that words on a page can ever be enough to display our gratitude...

It's no exaggeration to say that you opened your home to strangers and allowed us to make memories in a space beaming with love and acceptance. Our family became one under your roof and that is something we will hold dear to us forever. Seeing our worlds combine in such an inviting, open, loving setting took every anxiety and stress out of the day. We could just be. Be us, be open, be happy, be together. We truly mean that nothing could have been better than what we experienced that day. You should not only be proud of yourselves for creating such a space and maintaining it... You should also be proud of the people you're employing; be proud of the culture and attention to excellence you have created.

Anna (events coordinator): You were exactly what we needed before, during and after our wedding. We are very type A... so handing over the reins is tough for us. You took them from us when we weren't ready to give them away and we appreciate that more than you can know. You were present just the right amount, you were absent just the right amount. When things needed done, they were done silently and quickly. You even read our minds on a few occasions and made decisions that we would have made and you didn't even know us. You are a rock star, truly. Our first moments as a family were enjoyed fully, with no stress, because of your work.

Shop Cheesemongers: The story starts with you all. Specifically, my first time in a cheese shop I was lucky enough to meet someone who matched my love of cheese and didn't think I was crazy for asking for one of everything. Jeanna, thank you for sparking my comfort with Antonellis as a business. Everyone else, thank you for being just as amazing. The shop quickly became one of my favorite places to be... You've brightened my days, you've broadened my cheese horizons and ultimately you gave me a place that I could happily say, "I would love to get married there. It just feels right". Again, thank you all. You're little shop is putting some good energy into the world...

Zack & Justin

Stay Cheese-y Austin,
Kendall & John
& The Most Amazing, Hardworking, Passionate Team of Good Food Advocates Around...