Party Bus with the Antonellis

Join John & Kendall Antonelli
...on our Cheese-y Bus Tour with 49 of your new best friends! That's right. It's here! Next Sat 10/5, we are personally hosting one of our favorite events of the year. We meet you at the Cheese House, load you up on a bus (with optional bubbles in hand), walk you through a Cheese 101 and pairing, get a behind-the-scenes tour at Pure Luck Farm, cuddle goats and compete for best #GoatSelfies, enjoy their cheeses and brunch (with more optional wine) under the shade of trees, visit Infinite Monkey Theorem for a tour and guided tasting of 5 more varietals, and finish off the day at the Cheese House with a chocolate flight (and red wine pairing). And yes, we do have a luxury bus with our own designated driver. Just be warned! As the day goes on, I'm more likely to serenade you over the bus mic system!

For those of you hitting up ACL, fear not. You can stay in an air-conditioned bus with us pregaming during the day, and then head to the festival at 4pm. As our business has grown, we are lucky to have a team that covers evenings and weekends for us. To that end, we don't host a lot of weekend events anymore. That being said, the two of us are kicking off this event like old times together. We hope you'll join us! (Appreciations to Pure Luck Farm & Diary for opening their closed farm to our private group, as well as to Infinite Monkey Theorem for co-sponsoring this event.)

To see how much fun we've had in the past, just google #CheeseyBusTour and/or #GoatSelfie. I challenge you to find anything but smiles and good vibes, and the occasional person weeping with gratitude over an awesome day. Yes, that kind of day y'all. See you Saturday 10/5? Ticket details here.

Upcoming Tastings & Classes
Despite calendar claims that "fall is here," we sure aren't feeling it. So skip the heat and join us for a tasting class in a nice, air-conditioned Cheese House with that 110-year old charm. Check out our full events schedule here, noting a few highlights below. And remember, you can always view all our upcoming public classes or book your own private tasting.

Tues 10/1 (6:30pm) - Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese
Wed 10/2 (6:30pm) - Balsamics & Cheese Pairings with Con'Olio - perfect pairings series
Thu 10/3 (6:30pm) - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
Sat 10/5 (10-6) - Cheesey Bus Tour to Pure Luck Farm and Infinite Monkey Theorem

In the Shop
Many of us "mom and pop shops" and smaller, independent retailers know each other; we try to stick together through thick and thin - often reaching out to each other when it's tough, brainstorming, collaborating, improving ourselves, and just trying to stay in a game that feels like it's often trying to squeeze us out. One of those confidantes for us over the past 10 years has been Con'Olio Premium Oils and Vinegars. They do for oils and vinegars what we do for cheese - educate on the health benefits and curate an intentional, artisanal selection of the best varietals the world has to offer. And yes, like our shop, you can taste everything in there when you visit (so visit!).

With that, we're so excited to bring Con'Olio's amazing olive oils and vinegars to the Cheese Shop for you to sample! We now have two shining stainless steel Fusti containers from which we tap into a bright, flavorsome Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a sweet, rich Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. Made from a unique Portugese varietal, the Cobrançosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of Con' Olio's most popular selections. This robust olive oil is herbaceous, slightly bitter and finishes with a peppery bite. While strong and grassy, oil from the Cobrançosa is ideal for cooking and pairing, as it maintains its complexity and depth even when coupled with flavorful dishes and cheeses. Aged for up to 18 years using a traditional solera system, this Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena is an ideal match for a full-bodied olive oil like the Cobrançosa for a luxurious bread dip. Syrupy and tangy, this vinegar is surprisingly dense, a trait achieved without added sugars or thickening agents. Truly an elixir for all occasions, this Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is an excellent drizzle on fruit, ice cream, or a simple, traditional Caprese salad made with a decadent Mozzarella di Bufala.

Lastly, if you're now jonesing for some good olive oil, balsamic, and cheese pairings, come to our collaboration tasting and pairing at the Cheese House on 10/2 at 6:30pm. Ticket info here. Both female owners - Tabatha and myself (Kendall) will be leading this tasty event! (Note: When you can visit Con'Olio, we suggest you do so; your tastebuds will be happy! But when you can't, we're offering these two selections at the same price that Tabatha and her team do. So thanks to Con'Olio and lucky you...and us...Lastly, HAPPY TENTH ANNIVERSARY to TABATHA AND THE CON'OLIO TEAM! We are so happy for you and so grateful to be part of your celebration.)

Our Cheese Around Town
Have you ever had a stuffed tofu skin filled with Raclette and Maitake mushrooms? Why not?! If you're a fan of Ramen Tatsu-Ya and Kemuri Tatsu-Ya, then you need to visit their newest concept, DipDipDip. Opened earlier this summer, this stylish restaurant specializes in Japanese hot pots that are perfect for dipping things in, such as their Pot Pockets, made with Reading Raclette from Spring Brook Farm in Vermont. Better get your reservations in, though - this hot ticket goes quickly!

Upcoming Community Events
Sat 9/28 (10am) - NAMI Walks! As you know, we're big advocates for talking about mental health over here. Hey! Mom and pop retail life isn't easy. In fact, none of life is easy. And we're gonna keep talking about it until it's okay to talk about it. Erase the Stigma! There's still time to join our Antonelli's Curd Herd and walk with us tomorrow morning around the capital to #ChangeTheConversation. The mission of NAMI Central Texas is to improve the lives of all individuals affected by mental illness through education, support, and advocacy programs. Help us #DoGoodEatGood by walking with us; all are welcome. (Can't join us but still want to support the cause? No donation amount is too small. Want to walk but can't donate? We're glad to have you! Sign up here.)

10/2 (6:30pm) - Party for the Parks to benefit Austin Parks Foundation Hit up Republic Square starting at 6:30 with music from Bob Schneider and DJ Mel, great food from the Peached Tortilla, beer from friends at Zilker Brewing Co., and cocktails from partners at FBR. It will be a casual and fun night orchestrated by the amazing Craven and Co. Get more info here.

Stay Cheese-y Austin,
Kendall & John
& The Most Amazing, Hardworking, Passionate Team of Good Food Advocates Around...