Rhythm and "Blues" with LIVE MUSIC from Soul Wagon
What's better than chilling in the Cheese House, grazing on a handful of cheeses (with pairings), and listening to live music? Not much! We'd say that's the life. We're excited to offer a new series, An Antonelli's Social, kicking off with "Rhythm & Blues" featuring local talent Soul Wagon on Fri 11/22. We'll explore the world of blues. Did you know that some blue cheeses are actually very mild, or that some don't have any "blue" coloring in them at all? We'll be tasting our way through 5 diverse cheeses, even including a cheddar with a blue "vein." And as a special treat, one of those tastings will be of the cheese recently named and awarded the title of World's Best Cheese - the one and only seasonal Rogue River Blue. A couple of complimentary drinks are included, if you'd like. Ticket information here.

Update on Arrival of Seasonal Cheeses
Pumpkin Chevre - In Shop! Made seasonally by local producers CKC Farms in Blanco, Texas, this fresh chevre likes the tangier cousin of the inside of the pumpkin pie...and it's been us after school treat for the last several days. Not available elsewhere. Only through Nov.

Rogue River Blue - In Shop! Arrives periodically through Dec. Just won WORLD'S BEST CHEESE! An organic, pasteurized cow's milk cheese wrapped in sycamore leaves macerated in pear brandy. Limited production.

Rush Creek Reserve - In Shop! Arrives periodically through Dec. A bark-wrapped, raw cow's milk cheese made from richer fall milk and lightly washed in brine, resulting in an ooey-gooey, spoonable treat. Made in the style of French Vacherin Mont d'Or. Limited production.

Glarner Alpkase - In Shop! This 18-month old raw cow's milk cheese was made in summer 2018 when the cows were grazing high in the Alps, arguably making for a more delicious cheese as they consume diverse flora. Received especially through our Adopt-an-Alp program and not offered in the United States.

Black Betty - Debut party Sat 11/9 (6 tickets left). In shop Sun 11/10! Specially selected and aged wheels of Brabander Goat Gouda from Betty Koster in Holland. Limited production. Not readily available elsewhere.

RACLETTE NIGHT with The Antonellis
A long-awaited dream has come true. From the moment we conceived of our Cheese Shop, I knew I wanted to do it. But the timing wasn't right. And the logistics were a bit tricky. And then when we opened our (now-closed) cheese kitchen downtown last year, I thought we'd be able to do it then. It was even mentioned in the press. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Until now... We are thrilled to announce that we're bringing you RACLETTE NIGHT! Oh yeah, baby. You read that right!

Okay, okay. Simmer down, Kendall. What is Raclette, you may be asking? Raclette comes from the french word racler meaning to scrape. Raclette refers to a cheese, a machine, and a dish. Quite simply? It's a cheese that traditionally was melted fireside during winter months and scraped onto a plate of potatoes, cornichon pickles, and cured meats. Here and there, you'll see cute little trays for melting. Oh no. We're offering it in the quarter wheel, pictured here. So how does this work as an event?

For our Sun 11/24 event, we're selling tickets by the table. Each table will have a raclette machine and a quarter wheel of cheese on it, as well as spreads of potatoes, pickled goods, and cured meats (for those who want it). You can designate a "scraper" for the evening to keep at it, or you can take turns switching up the experience of scraping the top melting cheese layer onto your plate. But because it's one machine and a quarter wheel (3 pounds) per table, we wanted to make sure you know your guests. The evening will start with a tasting of 3 French or Swiss cheeses with pairings (while your raclette is heating up). You'll also get to enjoy a complimentary bottle of Pinot Noir to warm your belly (but feel free to opt-out or bring any other beverages you might enjoy pairing). So get a group together from 1-6 people and come enjoy the evening. You can take home anything you don't consume. And for whoever, wants to be part of our guinea pig crew, we promise to make this evening you won't forget. So that we can work through everything and make this the best evening possible, both John and I (Kendall) Antonelli will be leading the first event. The price per table is $275 (approx $45pp if you have 6 people). And if you have fewer people, you get to eat a lot more cheese! (Note: We cannot seat groups larger than 6 together.) *Photography: We will be taking photos from this first dinner to use for future promotional materials. Ticket details here!

November Events Galore
Have you seen what we're offering?! Introducing one of our best months of events ever... While many events are already sold out, here's what you can still get in on...

Sat 11/9 (6pm) - *Silent Disco Black Light Black Betty Party* - 6 tix left!
Tue 11/19 - Cheese-y Holiday Rumble: A Seasonal vs Year-Round Cheese Taste Off!
Wed 11/20 - Cheese & Chocolate Fondue(s) for 2!
Thu 11/21 - Beer & Cheese Pairings AT Circle Brewing
Fri 11/22 - Rhythm and "Blues" with LIVE MUSIC from Soul Wagon
Sat 11/23 - Antonelli's Date Night: A Shared Smorgasbord for Two
Sun 11/24 - FIRST EVER RACLETTE NIGHT - only 4 tables, sold by the table
Tue 11/26 - Cheese-y Holiday Rumble: A Seasonal vs Year-Round Cheese Taste Off!

All events above start at 6:30 pm unless otherwise noted. Check out our full events schedule here, noting a few highlights below. And remember, you can always view all our upcoming public classes or book your own private tasting.

As is now customary and for our 9th Thanksgiving, you can PREORDER our Thanksgiving Cheese Course. We're offering two sizes - a medium for $65 and a large for $115. We have a limited supply of each, so get your online order in today - especially if you're hoping to ship it. You can select to pick-up on Nov 25, 26, or 27. (Note we don't do plated Cheese Trays during this time, because they need to be consumed the day we make them and they don't travel well. Learned from experience! So a goodie bag best prepares you to just unwrap, plate, and voila! - there's your cheese course .... ready for grazing while you wait for that darn turkey, or (turducken?) to cook.

Our Cheese Around Town
Living in Texas, we know that Mexican food is so much more than tacos (although, tacos are pretty awesome)! Using high-quality, authentic ingredients, and Mexican-style cheeses like Cremoso, Cotija, and Menonita, ATX Cocina is taking Mexican cuisine to the next level, while paying respect to traditional foods and methods. THIS is how you do Mexican!

Stay Cheese-y Austin,
Kendall & John
& The Most Amazing, Hardworking, Passionate Team of Good Food Advocates Around...