New Events! Farmer for a Day!

B-B-B-BIG News!
Honestly, I don't know where to start or what to put first. Let's just say we're diving headfirst into 2020 with a big splash. Read on for our FIRST-TIME announcement of two new events: Farmer for a Day and Cheese-y Kids Class! We've also got a Beer, Bread, and Cheese Collaboration coming up with Easy Tiger at the Linc - to celebrate our 10th a birthday... And in case you missed it, John is a Cover Guy! Plus, I'm speaking at the Austin Women's March on the topic of mental health. On top of that, our buyer Andrea is headed to California to present at the Good Food Awards, as well as source new products at their Mercantile and the Fancy Food Show. It's an exciting time at Antonelli's Cheese. Thanks always for your support. Read on for details...

NEW EVENT: Farmer for a Day
Have you ever dreamed of spending your days with the goats or making your own dairy creations? Now you can with our new event, A Day In The Life of a Dairy Farmer! Amelia Sweethardt and Hope Boatright of Pure Luck Farm & Dairy, along with an Antonelli's cheesemonger, will lead you through a day in the Hill Country filled with feeding goats, learning about the milking process, making your own cultured butter, and of course, a Pure Luck Dairy cheese tasting! This 4-hour afternoon event occurs at Pure Luck in Dripping Springs and is limited to 15 guests; it is an intimate deep dive into many of the ins and outs of what it takes to produce some of our favorite dairy delicacies! (And go home with your own homemade cultured butter, as well as lots of goat selfies.) Note that this is an alcohol-free event and open to all ages, as long as each attendee is a ticket holder. We've got 4 dates on the calendar, starting with March 15 or March 29. Click here for dates, ticket links, and event details.

And for those folks who like more spirits with their cheese and goats, check out our Cheese-y Bus Tours scheduled for the spring. We have yet to announce two more, but tickets are currently on sale for our trip to Pure Luck and Desert Sotol on March 28. Details here.

Prefer to stay closer to home, a shorter and more cost-friendly event, and have bubbles with your goat cuddles? Check out our spring Bubbles, Brunch, and (Baby) Goats at Bee Tree Farm series, starting March 21 and running in April and May; these sell out quickly!

NEW EVENT: Cheese-y Kids Class!
Introducing our first-ever Cheese-y Kids Class! Our kids' classes are designed for children ages 5 all the way to older kids at heart! Kendall & John along with their two kids Elia (6yo) & Everett (7yo) will be taking the stage as a family leading you through a fun and interactive cheese tasting! Because it's challenging to stay seated for long, this abbreviated tasting is 20 minutes and includes a flight of 4 cheeses. We'll be talking about the difference in cow, goat, sheep, and water buffalo milk cheese. Each cheese will come with a pairing like a jam or honey, and we'll provide some bread. Your $15 ticket also gets you a Green Bee Honey Soda that we'll pair with the cheeses. You are never too young to discover a lifelong love of cheese! Please note, all children must be accompanied by a guardian, and each attendee must be ticketed. Similarly, all adults must be accompanied by a child! (Please purchase together in one transaction, and note that we cannot accommodate unaccompanied minors. For the record, we can barely handle our own children!) Click here for more info or to purchase tickets.

Collaboration: Beer, Bread, and Cheese
In honor of our upcoming 10th anniversary, longtime partners and friends Easy Tiger is throwing us a celebration party at The Linc! We're teaming up to lead a Bread, Beer, and Cheese Tasting. The event comes with 5 rounds, including some special creations by master baker David Norman. Live music follows. Get tickets here and come celebrate with us! (Even if you can't attend the seated event - or have littles in tow - you can still visit The Linc that night for an a la carte pairing/tasting! Note this event is AT Easy Tiger Linc in north-central Austin. Ticket details here.

In the News: John's a Cover Guy!
Allow me this brief moment of weakness to be the doting wife who is so proud of her husband, his journey, his commitments to his family + industry + business + community. I am glad to have found a life partner that is always inspiring me (as well as serving as my own personal cheerleader). Thank you, John, for your leadership! Congrats on your huge feature in the nationally distributed Cheese Connoisseur! The article isn't online yet, but you can bet your booty I'll share it when it is. In the meantime, come pick up a copy in the shop to give it a read.

Let's March - well, RALLY!
I've been pretty outspoken about my own struggles with mental health in the past and a particularly scary event that landed me in the hospital and led to some intensive therapy. I always joke that sharing my story is part of my own healing and attempt to claim this past and own it without shame. Well, because of that, I've now been asked to come to speak to a much larger audience - on the lawn of the Austin Capitol at the Women's March this Saturday 1/18 from 12-3! Ah! What an honor! I'm thrilled, excited, nervous, anxious.... all the things. If mental health is one of the issues that are important to you and you're local, come join us! Regardless, I appreciate all good thoughts and vibes.

Upcoming Events & Announcing March Tastings!
Thank you for keeping our events sold out; we are grateful! FYI that we just posted many classes and tastings through March, so you can get in on the action first - a perk of being signed up for this newsletter (and reading this far!). Check out all our events here. Here's what's coming up in the next few weeks. If you see a sold-out event, email event director Anna to see if there's room in our annex. And remember, you can always view all our upcoming public classes or book your own private tasting.
Sun 1/26 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My! - 3 tix left!
Thu 2/6 - Soft Cheeses: Rich, Gooey, Delicious - JUST ADDED
Mon 2/10 - Cheesemonger Favorites & Bestsellers - 2 tix left!
Thu 2/13 - Love Stinks: Funky Cheese Class

Our Cheese Around Town
This fine-dining steakhouse located in the very heart of downtown Austin needs no famous football players' names to bring the attention it deserves! Before ordering your sure-to-be-delicious steak, whet your appetite with Vince Young Steakhouse's cheese plate - featuring selections such as Cana de Oveja from Spain, Keystone from here in Texas, and Verde Capra from Italy.

Stay Cheese-y Austin,

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