TODAY- Free Birthday Cheese!

I’m sitting here this morning on this dreary day, scrambling to write our 10-year email (yes, I’m behind schedule) and looking for perspective in my cup of jo. All the things we could say or write. All the people who deserve appreciation. But truly, I’m am just excited. And grateful. And I’m not ready to take pause and reflect - just yet - because we still have a lot of celebrating to do. Adrenaline is still pumping; we flew right from #FreeCheeseWeek into ten straight days of events this week - including our kids Everett (7) and Elia (6) co-leading our first ever #CheeseyKids Classes this past weekend. So I will take the time. I will pause. But not yet. Today, we celebrate. We party. We GIVE FREE CHEESE!

We’ve teamed up with Widmer’s Cheese Cellars out of Wisconsin to offer a FREE WEDGE OF 10 YEAR CHEDDAR with any other shop purchase TODAY (from 11-7 in the shop). It’s amazing to hold that cheese in our hands and think that it was made the same time as when we opened the doors to our shop - and the journey it’s taken, the hands that have touched it (ie regular rotations and flipping), the rent it’s had to pay on a shelf, and more - to get where it is - and where we - are today. Come celebrate in the shop with us from 11-7. (Note: It’s available while supplies last. We have a lot to give away though, so come stop by!... And yes, we do have our new awesome 10-year anniversary cheesecake shirts for sale. Hah!) #AntonellisTurns10

Valentine’s Day - Buy 1 Chocolate, Get 1 FREE
Our team is clearly just in the giving mood, because for the first time ever, we’re offering “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” on all our chocolate bar selections this Friday 2/14 for Valentine’s Day. Skip the processed, boxed stuff and gift some artisanal (ie handmade) chocolate that’s also good for you (or your lover). After all, it is National Chocolate Month… Sure, it may be a consumerism thing but I’m all about celebrating National Chocolate Month, especially as it “just happens” to coincide with Valentine’s Day. Even for those folks who grumble about this consumer-driven holiday, the odds are high that many folks will be buying a treat for honey, friend, or themselves. Here’s the awesome part. You can have your chocolate and eat it too… and feel good about it – both for your health and for your conscience! Dark chocolate has proven health benefits like lowering the risk of heart disease, being rich in fiber and minerals, providing lots of antioxidants, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure, and raising good HDL cholesterol. Additionally, it may protect skin from sun damage and improve brain function. That’s the healthy part.

As for your conscience, you can choose to support chocolate makers that produce their goods in a way that’s great for farmers and land sustainability. And while I make big attempts in my life to not generalize, the truth is that most commodity chocolate comes at a big cost – to get you a low cost. Don’t be bummed; take action and put money towards delicious, healthy chocolates you can feel good about. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got a great selection of small-batch, bean-to-bar, single-origin chocolates you can come in and taste. From local makers Madhu (pic credit right) and Srsly to arguably the “godfather of responsible chocolate” Askinosie, we’ve got a wide range of selections. If you’re not around here, check out this list of chocolate winners in the Good Food Awards, which recognize foods made in a “tasty, authentic, and responsible” way. That means intentional, traceable, and ethical sourcing of cacao and other ingredients that are free of artificial ingredients and GMOs. Eat good chocolate and drop the guilt; you’ve done your public service for the day. It’s a win-win. Treat yourself!

Top Valentine’s Gifts
Treat yourself, treat your friend, or treat a lover. We all deserve to be treated 365 days a year. Here are some ways we’ve got your backs:
Tickets to a Cheese Class or a Gift Card to a Future Cheese Class
Subscription to our Monthly Cheese Club (3, 6, or 12 months)
Cheese Shop Gift Card - so they can come taste and find what they like
Cheese-y Gift Basket ...or a complimentary tasting; just bring yourself to the shop!

Upcoming Events
We’ve got some other great events coming up. Check out our full events schedule here, noting a few highlights below. And remember, you can always view all our upcoming public classes or book your own private tasting.
Thu 2/20 - Perfect Pairings: Preserves & Cheese AT Confituras
Mon 2/24 - Cheese 101 (regular class but benefits local nonprofit) - 7 tix
Mon 3/2 - Celebrate Texas Independence Day - fave Texas cheeses
Mon 3/2 - Italian Wine & Cheese Pairing Collab AT Juliet Italian Kitchen
Tue 3/3 - Cheeses & Balsamics Pairing with Con Olio - 3 tix left!
Thu 3/12 - Taste of Spain - 3 tix left!
Sun 3/15 & Sat 4/4 - Raclette Interactive Dining Series - JUST ADDED!
Tue 3/17 & 3/24 - Booze Washed Cheeses for St. Patty’s Day
Sat 3/21 - Prosciutto, Salami, & Cheese...Oh My!

Farm Events
Spring means kidding season! So let’s get out of Austin and enjoy some baby goat cuddles, while we eat cheese (and maybe drink wine) on a picturesque farm under the trees and alongside our fave farmers.
3/21 or 4/11 - Bubbles, Brunch, and (Baby) Goats at Bee Tree Farm
3/28 - Cheese-y Bus Tour (Pure Luck, Desert Sotol) - 4 tickets left!
4/19 - A Day In The Life of a Dairy Farmer (Pure Luck Farm) - 3 tix left!

Stay Cheese-y!
John & Kendall
And your Awesome Cheesemonger Team