New Events Announced!

It’s Raining Cheese-y Events - APRIL ANNOUNCED

I’m not sure what happened to winter (or was it ever here?!) and spring is officially still a month away, but these spring showers are rejuvenating us. (Who doesn’t love a good rain every once in a while?!) And with it, our events calendar is blooming. That’s right. We put a class up and you buy it out. Woohoo! Even if it looks sold out, check back regularly because we do add last-minute classes in - so that our goal is there is always a time when you can get cheese-y with us. That being said, our APRIL SCHEDULE is live! So get in on it! Highlights - a new bus tour is announced, visiting Pure Luck Dairy and Revolution Spirits on 4/18. This is an exciting new partnership with our first #CheeseyBusTour to Revolution Spirits. We’re also bringing back a Cheese & Pickles Pairing, in addition to a Taste of Italy classes…

Check out our full events schedule here, noting a few upcoming highlights below:
Wed 2/19 - Prosciutto, Salami, & Cheese...Oh My! - 5 seats just opened! (prev sold out)
Thu 2/20 - Perfect Pairings: Preserves & Cheese AT Confituras Little Kitchen
Mon 3/2 - Celebrate Texas Independence Day - our fave Texas cheeses - 5 tix left
Mon 3/2 - Italian Wine & Cheese Pairing Collab AT Juliet Italian Kitchen
Sun 3/15 & Sat 4/4 - Raclette Interactive Dining Series - JUST ADDED; GOES QUICKLY
Tue 3/17 & 3/24 - Booze Washed Cheeses for St. Patty’s Day
And remember, you can always view all our upcoming public classes or book your own private tasting.

New Offering! Want to be the first to know if we have last-minute tickets to a class or tasting? We're creating a special list just for you. We'll only email you if/when we have an opening. If it works for you, take it. If not, just ignore it. Easy as that. Click here!

Farm Events
Spring means kidding season! So let’s get out of Austin and enjoy some baby goat cuddles, while we eat cheese (and maybe drink wine) on a picturesque farm under the trees and alongside our fave farmers
3/21 or 4/11 - Bubbles, Brunch, and (Baby) Goats at Bee Tree Farm
4/18 - Cheese-y Bus Tour to Pure Luck Farm & Revolution Spirits - JUST ANNOUNCED
4/19 - A Day In The Life of a Dairy Farmer (Pure Luck Farm) - 3 tix left

In the Shop: New Cheese Alert

Hey, you Vermont Cheese Fans! We’ve brought in a new producer to our case, Grafton Village Cheese, based in Grafton and Brattleboro. These cheesemakers have roots; they started as a cooperative in 1892, turning their milk surplus into cheese. Introducing a new sheep milk cheese: “Named for the scenic bluff overlooking the village of Grafton, Bear Hill is an alpine-style cheese made with raw sheep’s milk and cave-aged for 10-12 months. This cheese combines the sweet and nutty flavors characteristic of alpine cheeses with a fruity and savory complexity brought on by the sheep’s milk. The rustic rind should range from pale tan to ruddy brown, with aromas of stone and butter. Bear Hill has a firm yet pliant texture, turning creamy on the tongue. Rich aromas of hazelnut and browned butter give way to a balanced harmony of flavors ranging from toasted nuts to artichokes in butter, with a long, savory finish.” So, you ready to come to give it a taste?

Shout outs to Jeanna Moreno, our shop lead, who just became a Certified Customer Experience Professional. Yes, that’s a thing too! So you can add CSIA CCEP to her title. We already knew she was awesome, but now she has the initials behind her name to prove it. Hah! Way to go Jeanna!

Our Cheese Around Town

How many ways can one cheese be used? Our friends at Gusto Italian Kitchen are trying hard to find out! They are making the most out of an Italian hard cheese called Grana Padano (a close cousin to the King himself, Parmigiano Reggiano). From their meatballs to their spaghetti plates, their bolognese, alfredo, and even their risotto, Gusto is determined to showcase this delicious and versatile cheese!

Mardis Gras Time!
Easy Tiger is kicking off the Mardi Gras season with their signature King Cakes! In place of the plastic baby you might find in a traditional King Cake, the Easy Tiger cakes feature a small Tiger figurine* inside! As the superstition goes: find the tiger for a year of good luck. To celebrate, they are hosting a scavenger hunt THIS WEEK, leading up to Fat Tuesday. Follow their social for clues (daily at noon) about a featured location each day with a hidden tiger. Get there and find it - and you may just win a free King Cake. It’s like geocaching for food! (And if you want to skip that fun and jump straight to it, you can order a King cake online.) Happy Hunting Austin!

Stay Cheese-y!

John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team