Have you heard of our Cheese-y Bus Tour?!

Counting Customers
Yep, it may sound crass. But it’s something we do in the small retail world. We keep track of how we’re doing against the goal, against budget. Is traffic down or is it up? And what accounts for the difference? It’s the non-romantic side of running a business - especially one that counts on every single customer. Earlier this week, I came across this article about an antique book store in England that - for the first day in its history - had zero sales in a day. They wondered if it signaled the end if they could execute payroll that week. They put out a simple tweet. When bookseller Robert Sanson woke up the next morning, he never expected that his tweet would go viral...and that his worst day ever would turn into the best day ever for sales. And today, people are making book pilgrimages - traveling hundreds of miles to visit his bookstore. I love this story. It speaks to the power of people, the power of community, the power of caring. Thank you to every person who goes out of their way to visit our shop, take a class, and/or intentionally chooses to buy from us online. Yes, we do daily customer counts. Every single customer matters - whether a $5 transaction or a $50 one. Your shopping habits matter. Your support matters. And we are oh-so-grateful for you.

Texas Pride Do I have any fellow Texans out there? This Monday 3/2 marks Texas Independence Day, and we’re ready to celebrate. Whether you’re Texan-born-and-bred or moved here, it’s an occasion we can all get festive for; after all, what’s better than celebrating the local bounty that a place has to offer?! (And if it matters to any of you, I’m a native Texan who grew up showing lambs in 4-H and rodeo’ing. But my grandfather, who moved here from Connecticut where our Ukrainian family had settled, always resolutely declared that he was more Texan than the rest of us because he “chose to be Texan, while we were just born here.”) No matter which category best describes you, we welcome you to come in for a little taste of Texas. You can book one of the 5 remaining tickets to our Taste of Texas class that evening (6:30-8:30) or you can visit the shop (11-7) to taste some of our featured Texas cheeses and wines for the day. Honestly, many of our awesome restaurant partners nab up all the Texas-made cheese, but we’re making sure to reserve a good selection for you in the shop. We thought we’d spotlight a couple for ya to wet your whistle:
  • Pure Luck Farm & Dairy: June’s Joy, a fresh goat’s milk cheese seasoned with honey, thyme, and black pepper
  • CKC Farms (Blanco, TX): (1) Chocolate Orange Fresh Chevre (special for Antonelli’s!); (2) Jalapeno ArtichokeChevre; (3) Baby Blue
  • River Whey Creamery (Schertz, TX): (1) Indigo Ridge; (2) Caldera Espana
  • Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese (Lipan, TX): Drunken Monk
  • Veldhuizen Farms (Dublin, TX): Redneck Cheddar • Revelation Cheese (Meridian, TX): Main Street Jack
  • Bee Tree Farms (Manor): Girls are busy having babies; cheese should be back in production within a couple of weeks!

And just in case you think you might want to dress up your cheese with a little pairing, may we suggest the following Texas-made treats:
Blue Heron Farm (Field Store): Cajeta or Bourbon Cajeta (a goat milk caramel sauce)
Taste Elevated (Castroville): Sweet and Tangy Mustard Seeds
Confituras (Austin): Cranberry Cinnamon Jam
Madhu (Austin): Dark Masala Chai and Saffron Milk Chocolate
Srsly (Austin): Oko Carib Dominican Republic 70% Dark Two Hives Honey (Austin): Honeycomb

Two New Cheese-y Bus Tours Announced
Yes, this weather is wonky. (Last week, I wrote my email Wednesday evening when the sun was shining and Thursday it was freezing and gray!) But our beautiful Austin spring is just around the corner! And I can suggest a no better way to celebrate the spring then cuddling baby goats, enjoying cheese and wine in the shade of big, beautiful hill country trees, and just indulging in a day of smiles, service, and storytelling. Yep, I’m talking about our #CheeseyBusTours. (Click that link for fun pics posted by our guests; can’t you imagine yourself there!?) While our first two are sold out, we’re excited to announce our final two of the spring season, each with a new beverage partner. (Note: these are our last Bus Tours until Fall - and those don’t have baby goats. So get in on the action now!)

More info: Our Cheese-y Bus Tour is all about indulgence, fun, letting your hair down, and meeting the award-winning makers on their turf - with cheese (of course) and the best tour guides around! What can you expect? In the course of our 6-hour day, you'll get 6 tasting and tour experiences, get to meet the makers (and goats!) with behind-the-scenes access, and consume lots of treats - all while being hauled around with a designated driver and being regaled with cheese stories by your cheesemongers

Experience #1: Cheese 101 & Bubbles Pairing on the Bus
Experience #2: Goat Cuddles, Selfies, and Pure Luck Farm Tour w/ the Maker
Experience #3: Pure Luck Cheese Tasting & Wine Pairing Under the Trees
Experience #4: Beverage Insider Tour of their production facility
Experience #5: Cocktail/Beer & Cheese Pairing onsite
Experience #6: Chocolate & Red Wine Pairing at Antonelli's Cheese House

For $135, that's an average of $22.50 per experience; what a deal! Note that it does not include any gratuity (if you wish to include it but it is not expected). Additionally, Pure Luck may offer cheeses for purchase on their farm that is not available elsewhere, as well as our beverage partner, so plan accordingly! (We will have an ice chest for any perishable goods.)

March is looking pretty booked up, but we have a handful of opportunities left to get into the class. Otherwise, check out our full events schedule here, noting we’ve posted through June! And remember, you can always view all our upcoming public classes or book your own private tasting

Sun 3/1 (11:30 am) - Raclette Interactive Experience (1 table left!)
Mon 3/2 (6:30pm) - Celebrate Texas Independence Day - 5 tix left
Mon 3/9 (6:30pm) - Cheese 101 - 2 tix opened up
Fri 3/13 (6:30pm) - Raclette Interactive Experience (1 table left!)
Sun 3/15 (6:30 pm) - Raclette Interactive Experience (1 table left!)
Tue 3/17 (6:30 pm) - Booze Washed Cheeses for St. Patty’s Day (2 tix left)
Sun 3/22 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My! - JUST ADDED
Tue 3/24 (6:30 pm) - Booze Washed Cheeses
Sun 3/29 (6:30 pm) - Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese - JUST ADDED

Our Cheese Around Town
A soft-ripened Spanish goat cheese on Avocado Toast? With a beer to go with it? Yes, please!! Check out The Hoppy Monk in San Antonio to find this treat! Located on the North Loop, The Hoppy Monk has beers galore, patio seating, and a super interesting menu that includes Avocado toast topped with the amazing Leonora! How about that for brunch?!
Stay Cheese-y!
John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team