BIG (good) NEWS!

Empty shelves at grocery stores got you down? Fear not! We have 8000 pounds of cheese and meat to move...The upside to challenging times is that it forces us to adapt, innovate, get scrappy, bear down, and do what we do - better… and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Since we checked in with you a week ago, we have:

And today we are so excited to announce Cheesemonger Live, a virtual cheesemongering service. Yes! You can stay comfortably in your chair - or bed - and still get a peek into our case at what looks best and meets your needs, see the most up-to-date offerings, and work one-on-one with your own dedicated cheesemonger. We're bringing our regular service, smiles, and storytelling to you!
  1. Choose a meeting time here
  2. Sign into the URL or download app provided in your confirmation email a few minutes before
  3. Video Conference with your own personal cheesemonger
  4. Pay by phone
  5. Upon arrival, call 512-887-1789 for curbside pickup

Why virtual cheese mongering? If you can't come in to taste it, the next best thing is seeing it. Additionally, this is the only way to get access to all the offerings our shop has at that exact moment, as well as hear from a monger on what’s tasting best, what’s new, and what’s exciting. If experience is what you want in these social distancing times, you can still get it through our new virtual mongering service.
Need cheese more quickly? Know what you want? Trust us to pick? Then simply ordering from our curated selection online or by phone is the way to go. Alternatively, order for delivery through the Favor app.
*PLEASE NOTE: Due to evolving social distancing recommendations, we are no longer accepting walk-ins into the shop; HOWEVER, the shop remains open and will be processing online and phone orders, as well as virtual appointments. It is our goal to continue providing Austin with food and ingredients it needs, supporting farmers and artisans through this hard time, and keeping our team employed - all safely.*

Virtual Cheese Class with John & Kendall
We’re guessing your calendars aren’t that robust. So since you’re freed up, will you join John and me this Friday 3/20 at 6 pm from the comfort of your home for a Virtual Cheese 101 Tasting? Simply purchase $30 tickets here, drop by on Friday from 12-5 at the Cheese House for curbside pickup of your cheese plate to your car, and then join us that evening at 6 pm for a Facebook Live tasting. Many of us are bored and it’s barely started yet. So why not learn about cheese with us? Yep, our kids will most likely be running in the background (hopefully clothed), just like we know many of your kids will be as well. You’ll get a peek into our personal lives, as we walk you through a tasting from our living room. (Hopefully, laundry piles are cleared by then!) This is a win-win; we give you a Date Night in and you support a local biz. We’re hoping for at least 50 folks to sign up! (One ticket = 1 cheese plate) The deadline is midnight this Thursday. (Note: To see our Facebook Live video, just search for our business name and follow along. If for some reason you'd rather wait till later and/or put the kids to bed first, the video will remain on our page and you can access it any later time to enjoy your cheese tasting.)

How You Can Help Us Stay In Biz
Indulge us this quick recap:

Thank you, Austin! Our wholesale and events business has taken huge hits. Overall, we are way down. Many of you shopped with our retail these past couple of days, which is keeping us afloat for now. We are working hard to continue bringing you safe ways to support us, AS WELL AS get delicious, healthy cheese (and support all our artisans in the process). Again, we are grateful for you, and all your efforts to keep us going. Stay safe Austin. We are in this together.

Our Cheese Around Town
Many of Austin’s amazing restaurants are choosing to offer take-out and to-go orders, some with curbside delivery (in light of closing down indoor seatings). Check out this Eater Austin article, noting a few of our restaurant partners: Suerte, Dai Due, Emmer & Rye, and Launderette.

Stay Cheese-y!

John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team