Easter Candy & Cheese Pairing!

More Spotlight Virtual Tastings!
Thank you for letting us be your boredom cure - or at least provide you with a little escapism for an evening. Our events continue to see out. We have lots of tickets for later in the month. (I know; it hurts to think of the uncertainty and farther out…) To view our full schedule of upcoming virtual cheese tasting events, click here. But we’ve also adding a few events in the next week we wanted to highlight here:

Wed 4/8 (6-7 pm) - Facebook Live with The Antonellis: Easter Candy & Cheese Pairing We’re taking our annual fave and popular sellout Halloween Candy & Cheese Pairing to the big stage with a spring launch: Easter Candy and Cheese! It’s fun, it’s novel, it’s wacky, it works (and occasionally is a weird and exciting pairing). We expect this event to sell out quickly at 150 tickets, so get in on the action while you can! … and expect a few cameos from the Antonelli kids, Everett (7) and Elia (6). (Note: plates do have candies that have nuts.) One ticket is a plate for one person. (Yes, you can share but you’ll have to fight over that candy bite!) Tickets here.
  • *Note: To join a FB Live event, go to our Facebook page. At the designated time, click on “videos” on the left-hand column and find the “live” video. That’ll be us!

Sat 4/11 (6-7 pm) - Behind The Scenes at Jasper Hill Farm: Tasting Vermont Cheeses Oh my goodness! We had such a successful virtual tasting with our Essex St Cheese friends this past Saturday - for a one of a kind experience - that we’re teaming up with some of our favorite, award-winning cheesemaking friends in Vermont: Jasper Hill Farm and The Cellars at Jasper Hill. Long ago, we dreamed of live training chats for our new cheesemongers, being walked through the fields alongside the animals, peering into milk vats in the cheesemaking rooms, and experiencing the aging caves virtually to see how it’s done behind the scenes in areas not accessible to the public. Well, we never did it. But we’re doing it now AND we’re making those public and open to you! Join us this Saturday as we virtually visit Vermont. Jasper Hill Farm makes amazing cheeses - including Best of Show Winnimere. They’ve collaborated on Best of Show winner Cabot Clothbound Cheddar. And their Bayley Hazen Blue won World’s Best Unpasteurized Cheese a couple of years back. Whether you like bloomy rinds (like brie-styles), pungent washed rinds, friendly cheddars, or even blue, everyone will get something in this tasting. Founder/Owner Mateo Kehler and Zoe Brickley of JHF will be leading you through a tasting of 6 of their cheeses, while they take you behind the scenes around the farm and into their world-renowned aging Cellars. (Truly, seeing their Cellars was one of the highlights of our cheese lives.) Get access to behind the scenes experiences of the animals, the land, and the producers of some of our most popular cheeses. Did I build it up enough? Virtual ticket details here! (You must be in Austin to partake in the tasting; we cannot ship this tasting right now. Future goals!)
  • Note: The private video conferencing link to our GoToMeeting will be provided in a separate email sent on the day of the tasting. This is to help avoid virtual meeting crashers. (This is not a Facebook Live tasting, and you’ll have to join at the exact live time.)

Wed 4/15 (6-7 pm) - Facebook Live with The Antonellis: Taste of Texas Our Texas producers need you, and we need you. And your tummy will thank you! Support local while you’re also doing good for our local economy by joining John and Kendall for a delicious Taste of Texas. We’ll talk about the different ecological regions of Texas, the impacts on the dairy industry in each, and what cheese we get out of it! We’ll taste seven cheeses made by various producers. What’s more fun? We’ll be pairing with local chocolates, honeys, jams, and more. Join us here! (Have an allergy/food preference? Please note that one pairing features a local cracker and another features a local salami. We can leave those off the plate but cannot make substitutions; just let us know!) •
  • *Note: To join a FB Live event, go to our Facebook page. At the designated time, click on “videos” on the left-hand column and find the “live” video. That’ll be us!
  • **Time not ideal: The great thing about our FB live tastings is that once we conclude (around 7 pm), you can access the video on our FB page under “videos” to then do the tasting at your leisure that same evening.

Other Upcoming Tastings
*Via private video conferencing links in GoToMeeting, sent out the day of the tasting. Small groups with a max size of 30. I can opt to have your camera on or off. Get tickets and more info to any of them by clicking on the calendar date here.
4/20 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
4/23 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
4/27 - Cheese 101 benefiting Lifeworks Austin
4/28 - Ooey, gooey, delicious… Ode to Soft Cheeses
4/29 - Cheese 101
4/30 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!

Private Virtual Parties
Many of you had or have upcoming milestone birthdays or anniversaries. Some of you are worried about team culture during stressful times. And we’re all looking for ways to socially connect while remaining physically distant. Based on a customer request, we’re now offering Private Virtual Tastings. We’ll facilitate everything - ticket purchasing, links for the video conference, and having your cheese plate ready for pickup during a specified window (to be delivered curbside in your trunk). (Our street in our neighborhood even hosted one - organized by them and not us. We feel the love!)

CLOSED Easter Sunday
Just a note that our whole business will be closed this Sunday. Some of us will be observing the Easter holiday; others will simply be enjoying a much-needed rest and reboot after a chaotic and emotional few weeks. However you are spending this weekend, our thoughts are with you. Should you want to stock up on any goodies for your potential Sunday feasts, please plan ahead and order for pickup or delivery in advance. With the exception of being closed Sun 4/12, we are open daily 11-6 pm. (In case you didn't know, we're stocking some basic produce, available through our online ordering. We're currently just estimating how much stock we need, but we can reorder daily M-F. Everything pictured here was part of our personal order over the weekend: fruits, veg, and proteins!)

Shipping Options
Our Cheese 101 Class in a Box is a great way to enjoy Saturday night. Or lunchtime on a Tuesday. Or heck - 9 am on a Thursday, because in these times, why not?! Included in this package is a box of goodies, a tasting menu, and a link to our online Seven Styles of Cheese class taught by two of our educators. Upon receipt, you can set up your tasting, tune into the virtual class link, and enjoy your guided tasting all at your own convenience. Our certified cheese professionals will share with you stories of the cheesemakers, flavors that you might expect from the product and what pairings make sense together. Contains approx. 1 1/2 pounds of cheese, 7 pairings, and crackers. Order details here.
Social distancing is not something cheesemongers are used to; in fact, we’re very social. So our team created a Social Distancing Self-Care Kit. Our awesome team felt compelled to offer a care package that you can buy for yourself or buy for a friend. It comes with 3 cheeses, 1 salami, 1 jam, nuts, dried fruit, and crackers. Whether you just want to refill your pantry or have a shared experience between friends on google hangouts...this is a great way to decrease the distance of social distancing. So you may be physically apart but socially connected. Click here for more details or to purchase.

Testimonials: In Your Words
Your words are fuel for our team. So much so, that Eleanor, our Order Fulfillment Lead in the Warehouse started recording the messages you’re including when ordering for shipping. Thank you, Austin for feeding our souls as you feed your bellies.
Thanks, Kendall, John, and the whole amazing team at Antonelli’s for providing shipping during this time! Sending my love and wishing you all the best!
Hey, my cheese buds, thank you for offering shipping options! Getting down to the rinds in these trying times.
I am really, really looking forward to getting this treat every month, especially since we are stuck inside for the foreseeable future! Thanks so much for everything that you guys do. Stay safe and I look forward to coming back in the shop or to one of your events when this quarantine is lifted!
Deliver whenever just trying to support!
Super impressed with what you’ve done...it doesn’t go unnoticed. Keep up the good work.
Here for you Antonelli’s.
Happy to support you and your local business. Thank you for making the world a more delicious and better place!
We’ll get through this together! You guys hang in there and we’ll see you on the other side!

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