Roadtrip USA Virtual Tasting!

Wed, April 22 (6-7 pm) - Cheese & Road Trip Pairings… Facebook Live with The Antonellis Yep, we’re feeling a little kooky these days, as well as cooped up! So we had the idea to spotlight some of our fave American artisanal cheeses, paired with convenience store food. You may recall, cramming into the back of the station wagon (with no seat belts), fighting with siblings, and those long road trips as a kid. Even these days, when we haul our kids on the 5-hour car ride to my parent's cattle ranch in north texas, the highlight is always a stop at the gas station. (I’d love to say that we pre-pack healthy snacks, and sometimes we do, but that only lasts the first 2 hours…) So - expect a guided tasting of 7 cheeses proudly made in the US of A, alongside junk food faves. (Yep, we’ve lost it, but we’re having fun doing it!) Purchase tickets here.

  • Allergies - This tasting contains gluten (combos! Bugles! Hoho cakes!). If you need gluten-free, we’ll just leave off all the pairings and you can still enjoy the cheese. We won’t be able to substitute additional pairings
  • Join - To join a FB Live event, go to our Facebook page. At the designated time, click on “videos” on the left-hand column and find the “live” video. That’ll be us!
  • Timing - If you can’t make it at 6 pm, that’s fine. The video is available on our Facebook page anytime after we’ve concluded around 7 pm

(If you’re not interested in our junk food gimmicks - hey, we’re emotional eaters! - then join us for our “Cheese 101 on Facebook Live with the Antonellis on Wed 4/29. Tix here.)

Travel to Spain, Italy, and Beyond! - VIRTUAL TASTING
Behind The Scenes with Mitica Cheese Sat, April 25 (6-7 pm): In an effort to continue to support our artisanal makers - as well as connect you to their labors of love, we’re letting them do the storytelling and taking you on Virtual Tasting Experiences Behind The Scenes! For this event, we’re partnering with owner Michele Buster of Forever Cheese and Mitica artisan goods. Michele is a vivacious and sprightly, petite, curly-haired redhead who is a force to be reckoned with. She travels the world sourcing the next amazing artisan foods and imports them into the United States. This tasting will include 6 cheeses (and food pairings) - from Spain, Italy, and even Croatia. Michele will be live to guide us through the tasting, showing videos of their fields, animals, creameries and cheesemaking, and aging rooms. You haven’t seen cheese this way before - not open to the public! (If you followed our own personal epic trip to Spain last year - or Italy the year before that - much of it was hooked up by Michele! So yes, you’re cooped up at home, with booty sores, and potentially bored… or needing a change of pace from working too hard and homeschooling. Escape with us for an evening as we travel abroad! Ticket details here. (You must be in Austin to partake in the tasting; we cannot ship this tasting right now. Future goals!)

Note: The private video conferencing link to our GoToMeeting will be provided in a separate email sent on the day of the tasting. This is to help avoid virtual meeting crashers. (This is not a Facebook Live tasting, and you’ll have to join at the exact live time.)

Other Upcoming Tastings
*Via private video conferencing links in GoToMeeting, sent out the day of the tasting. Small groups with a max size of 30. I can opt to have your camera on or off. Get tickets and more info to any of them by clicking on the calendar date here.
Mon 4/20 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
Tue 4/21 - Ooey, gooey, delicious… Ode to Soft Cheeses
Mon 4/27 - Cheese 101 (benefiting Lifeworks Austin)

Nationwide event - Support American Cheesemakers
Sat, April 25 (5 pm CDT - nationwide event!): American cheesemakers need you now more than ever. That’s why we’re banding together for a campaign to raise awareness for and show our love of American artisan cheeses. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of the current pandemic and shopping patterns is that grocery stores are understandably prioritizing stocking essentials. That means they’re not ordering from the artisans they’ve been so good at supporting. But all that cheese, for instance, is still made. And there are still animals producing milk every day. Just because there isn’t space at the unloading dock doesn’t mean the animals quit. So help us little guys support the little guys, and buy American and local cheeses through us - or any retailer!. Check out this quick video from Nettle Meadow Farm, makers of customer favorite and one of our top-selling cheeses, Kunik (a mixed milk cheese of goat milk and cow cream). Here’s how you can support this specific campaign and get involved:
1. Buy local and/or artisan cheese
2. Make a cheeseboard
3. Post a picture and tag @support_our_cheesemakers (IG)
4. Tune in Live! At 5 pm central on @supportourcheesemakers (FB) or on Instagram above

Charitable Cheese Cause
Mon, April 27 - Eat cheese and feel good about it! One day a month, we spotlight local nonprofits doing great work in our community. We donate 5% of shop revenue (11-7), online revenue (all day), ticket sales for the tasting that evening, and after-class sales to the nonprofit. Plus, we shout their mission to the world. Thanks for helping us live our mission: #DoGoodEatGood. This month on Mon 4/27, we're supporting local nonprofit LifeWorks Austin, with a purpose to "provide a pathway to self-sufficiency for more than 4,000 youth and families, many of whom are facing life’s most difficult challenges, including homelessness, trauma, and abuse." Mark, your calendar to make online purchases that day. You can also get tickets to our Virtual Cheese 101 for that evening, and you’ll be benefiting LifeWorks!

How You Can Help Us Stay In Biz
From Austin:
From Anywhere in the United States: We offer FREE SHIPPING in Texas on orders over $75.

Shipping Options
Our Cheese 101 Class in a Box is a great way to enjoy Saturday night. Or lunchtime on a Tuesday. Or heck - 9 am on a Thursday, because in these times, why not?! Included in this package is a box of goodies, a tasting menu, and a link to our online Seven Styles of Cheese class taught by two of our educators. Upon receipt, you can set up your tasting, tune into the virtual class link, and enjoy your guided tasting all at your own convenience. Our certified cheese professionals will share with you stories of the cheesemakers, flavors that you might expect from the product and what pairings make sense together. Contains approx. 1 1/2 pounds of cheese, 7 pairings, and crackers. Order details here.
Social distancing is not something cheesemongers are used to; in fact, we’re very social. So our team created a Social Distancing Self-Care Kit. Our awesome team felt compelled to offer a care package that you can buy for yourself or buy for a friend. It comes with 3 cheeses, 1 salami, 1 jam, nuts, dried fruit, and crackers. Whether you just want to refill your pantry or have a shared experience between friends on google hangouts...this is a great way to decrease the distance of social distancing. So you may be physically apart but socially connected. Click here for more details or to purchase.

Private Virtual Parties
Many of you had or have upcoming milestone birthdays or anniversaries. Some of you are worried about team culture during stressful times. And we’re all looking for ways to socially connect while remaining physically distant. Based on a customer request, we’re now offering Private Virtual Tastings. We’ll facilitate everything - ticket purchasing, links for the video conference, and having your cheese plate ready for pickup during a specified window (to be delivered curbside in your trunk). (Our street in our neighborhood even hosted one - organized by them and not us. We feel the love!)

Stay Cheese - y!

John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team