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May Is American Cheese Month!
I am so proud and honored to serve on the board of the American Cheese Education (ACE) Foundation, a nationwide nonprofit organization. Each year, we host American Cheese Month to create awareness of American artisan makers and raise funds for the Foundation (which go towards industry scholarships, research and surveys, and webinars/other educational resources and tools.) This year, we moved American Cheese Month to May - and boy/girl do we need it now more than ever! YOUR American artisan farmers and makers are hurting; many are barely hanging on. You can read about it here by cheese friend and fellow shop owner Anne Saxelby. Better yet? You can continue to be a part of the solution that keeps them afloat. Will you join us in purchasing for and promoting #AmericanCheeseMonth with #BuyAmericanCheese?

New Curbside Pickup Awesomeness
If you’ve picked up in the last month on a high volume day, you would have seen our team literally running around the parking lot, hustling to get cheese into your trunk. One customer said he was excited that our parking lots looked like I-35. Hah! Well, while some of that speaks to volume, most spoke to our bootstrapped systems and resulting inefficiencies (despite our best efforts). Great news! We have rolled out a seamless pickup system, complete with texting (no waiting on the phone!), numbered parking spots, and folks only waiting a couple of minutes max. Woohoo! Thanks to the Texas Restaurant Association and our neighbors Hyde Park Bar & Grill for partnering with us.

*Note: For us to deliver to your car, you must be in one of our designated and marked parking spaces - either in the spots in front of the shop or in the small parking lot at our Cheese House. If space isn’t marked, please move to a marked spot (or patiently wait for one to open up). As I said, we’re moving pretty quickly, so it shouldn’t be long!

Facebook Live with The Antonellis - TOMORROW
Join - To join a FB Live event, go to our Facebook page. At the designated time, click on “videos” on the left-hand column and find the “live” video. That’ll be us! Timing - If you can’t make it at 6pm, that’s fine. The video is available on our Facebook page anytime after we’ve concluded around 7pm.
Wed 4/29 (6-7pm): Cheese 101 featuring Cheeses We Knew We Wanted to Carry in Shop (before opening 10 years ago) - DEADLINE 5 PM TODAY! Yeah, yeah. So we’ve gone a little off the radar lately with candy and junk food pairing classes, so we’re going back to our classic and most popular Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese. Only this time, we’ll be tasting cheeses we knew we wanted to carry before we opened the shop… and sharing the stories of why they initially caught our attention, why we wanted them as part of our brand, and how they exemplified our #DoGoodEatGood mission. (Note: There are 2 repeats from our 3/20 class but not since then for FB Live events - and all-new combinations of pairings.) More info and/or Purchase tickets here.

Wed 5/6 (6-7pm): Taste of California May is American Cheese Month! Hosted by the American Cheese Education Foundation, this is a month-long awareness campaign to promote American artisan producers… and it couldn’t come at a more important time. Some artisans have shut down, some are shifting to aged cheeses (not easy!), and others have sold their beloved herds. But this isn’t all doom and gloom. Instead, it’s a celebration of amazing cheeses. And we’re starting with California producers! We’ll be bringing in a few makers we don’t normally carry just for this fun tasting. A portion of all ticket sales will go to the ACE Foundation. More info and/or Purchase tickets here.

Virtual Tasting: Behind The Scenes with Rogue Creamery
Sat, May 9 (6-7 pm): Featuring Rogue Creamery of Oregon Want to know the producer to make the first American cheese that won the World Cheese Awards - just this past year? It was David Gremmels and the Rogue Creamery team in Oregon for their seasonal Rogue River Blue, a blue cheese wrapped in grape leaves macerated in pear brandy. They also make other award-winning blues and cheddars. They are organic and a certified B Corp (we’ll talk about it), and basically everything they do is intentional to create a legacy and serve as a model of good land and animal stewardship. We’ll taste 6 cheeses, a combination of cheddars and blues, while being regaled by stories from Veteran Cheesemonger and Rogue Creamery Ring Master Tom Voorhees. Ticket details here.
*You must be in Austin to partake in these tasting; we cannot ship this specific offering. Future goals! *You’ll join us via a private video conferencing link to our GoToMeeting provided in a separate email sent the day of the tasting. This is to help avoid virtual meeting crashers. (This is not a Facebook Live tasting, and you’ll have to join at the exact live time.)

Regularly-offered (virtual) classes by our Awesome Hosts
*Via private video conferencing links in gotomeeting, sent out the day of the tasting. Small groups with max size of 30. Can opt to have your camera on or off. Get tickets and more info to any of them by clicking on the calendar date here. (Note: We’ll be adding more topics in the next couple of days!)
  • Sat 5/2 - Cheese 101: Seven Styles of Cheese
  • Mon 5/11 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
  • Thu 5/14 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
  • Sat 5/16 - Soft Cheeses: Rich, Gooey, Delicious

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