Special Mother's Day Edition

No Cookie-Cutter Mamas
We know mamas come in all shapes and sizes. Some biological, chosen or adopted. Many have lost their mamas or can’t be with them. For some, it’s “just” that special woman in their lives that cared for them and told them they could. For others, it’s complicated. We know these holidays are loaded with all sorts of feelings. And this year, it’s no different. In fact, all those feelings are probably exacerbated. So whether you want to treat “mom,” or truly - treat yourself, or just have something to do to pass the day… we’ve got a few options for you.

Mother’s Day Gift Box

Includes a round of Green Hill, a soft cow’s milk cheese made by Sweet Grass Dairy in Georgia. It’s like a well-mannered creamy brie that plays nicely with everyone. We’re pairing it with Raspberry Rose jam, Olli Sopressata Salami, Rustic Bakery Crackers, and dried figs and Turkish apricots. We’ve also included a complimentary bar of locally-made Madhu Chocolate in their Saffron Milk. (Madhu is the name of chocolaterie Harshit’s mother and means “honey” or “sweet” in Hindu.) If you’re ordering for curbside pickup, you can add on a bottle of wine. Also available with free shipping in Texas but orders must be placed by THIS MONDAY to ship. Note: We have a limited quantity of this gift box. (an approx half pound of cheese) $75. *Need to make substitutions or know mom loves gouda, then build your own a la carte gift through either our local pickup/delivery site or our shipping site.

Virtual Tasting Classes
Sunday, May 10 (6:30 pm) - Women Behind the Wheels Join us for a live virtual tasting class led by our educators. We’ll taste our way through 7 different cheeses, all made by women. For this class, we’re showcasing all the ways women are caregivers in their lives. Some of the cheeses are made by the “goat ladies of the 80s,” considered the mothers of the modern American artisan cheese movement. Others inherited their farm and dairy operation from their mother. And some are childless and choose to put their love into caring for their animals. Explore some tasty cheese with us and many different ways women have played a role in the cheesemaking world. Tickets here.
If you want to celebrate with family scattered in various cities or states, consider ordering our Cheese 101 in a Box for each household (of up to 4 people). It comes with a short video on how to plate your cheese, and then when you’re ready, a 1-hour tasting led by John and me (Kendall) on the cheeses. You can send it as a stand-alone gift OR all do it together in different areas. (To do that, one of you accesses the video and shares your screen with all your fam and friends via your own private zoom meeting. We don’t set that up for you, but it’s easy to do.) Contains approx. 1 1/2 pounds of cheese, 7 pairings, and crackers. *Free Shipping in Texas *Deadline to order Monday
PROTIP- Many of you moms to babies and young kids are asking if you can access the tastings at later times since they normally fall during bedtime routines. Specifically and only for the Facebook Live tastings, the answer is YES! John and I host those on Wednesdays from 6-7 pm via Facebook. When we’re done, the video stays on our FB page and you can start it as soon as you’ve put the kids to bed. This clearly also applies to you if you’re just working late or like starting tastings later. Check out the upcoming schedule here, noting our May classes benefit #AmericanCheeseMonth.
To view our full schedule of upcoming virtual cheese tasting events, click here, noting that we just added many May events!

Cheese of the Month Club
One of our most popularly-gifted items is our monthly cheese club subscription. Available in either 3, 6, 0r 12-month subscriptions, this is the gift that keeps on coming. And who doesn’t need some healthy and delicious proteins just arriving on their doorstep monthly these days!? We rotate between themes of Taste of Place, Meet the Maker, and One-of-a-Kind. Each box has 3-5 cheeses in it, with an occasional pairing jam. Value is always the same. Often, we’re ordering in special cheeses just for our club members; the cheese never makes it into our case. Get mom in on the/’ action! Pricing includes shipping in-state but we do offer discounts for pickups (via contactless curbside). Details here.

And a Personal Message...
One last-minute shout out: To all the caregivers out there who are juggling work (whether the stress of added work or no work) and homeschooling, we are with you! Give yourself grace. Let it go. Celebrate the days - or maybe just the hours - that win. Let the losses go. We are not going to make or break our children during this time. (Personal mantra I'm repeating to myself!)

In case you need an example, just know that we personally regularly miss our kids' online school meetings, are all running around between phone calls, occasionally cursing, lots of crying and yelling - by both mom and kids, and everything in between. It is what it is. (And thanks to my own mama who has received many a frustrated and crying phone call these recent weeks.)

Stay Cheese - y!
John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team