Virtual Tastings
If you haven’t noticed by now, we offer various different styles of virtual tastings. And we’ve enjoyed hosting OVER 2000 of you since we launched these 6 weeks ago! THANK YOU! The win-win? You’re keeping our team employed and allowing us to support makers; we’re giving you a fun and educational event to look forward to and break up the monotony. Here’s a quick rundown of each different style of event; take one of each and see what the difference is! Following is what’s coming up….
  • Our “regular” classes that went virtual: Offered nightly usually 6:30-7:30! Tons of different themes. Hosted by our cheese educators. Small groups of about 20. You can choose to talk, have your camera on (or off), chat, and interact with hosts. In-depth cheese tastings. Via private video conferencing room; link sent day of the event. Have to participate at the exact time. (Also available as private parties.)
  • Facebook Live with The Antonellis: Offered every Wednesday from 6-7 BUT you can watch at your leisure that evening anytime. Video available to all for free. You’re paying for the cheese plate. Less interactive (150 folks!) but you can still chat questions. Hosted by us - Kendall and John - and we get silly, get deep, and just have fun. *For the month of May, we’re donating partial proceeds to American Cheese Month efforts of the American Cheese Education Foundation
  • Behind the Scenes & Meet the Maker: Generally offered on Saturdays from 6-7:30. Have to join at exact time. In a private video conferencing group (for up to 100); link sent day of event. For the cheese and/or food geek who likes to see the process, the lands, the animals. Our farmers and cheesemakers are opening up their operations, getting real about the effects of Covid on their business, and giving us access to areas not allowed to the public. A combination of live tasting by an expert and pre-recorded videos from makers, made especially for us. A completely different feel than our others!
  • Cheese 101 In a Box: we put our class in a box for shipping. It comes with two videos: (a) how to unpack and plate your tasting and (b) the one-hour led tasting by John and me. Send it as a gift. OR - and this was a customer idea - have a group across the US order them. Create a zoom call together, then one person puts on the video and shares screen with others. Then you can all do something together, in real-time, and chat with/see each other. (One group just did this for a family reunion and another for an engagement party!)

Wed 5/6 (6-7pm - but online later): Facebook Live with The Antonellis - Taste of California Help us help American makers! For the month of May, we’re spotlighting the dairy industry in different states. Whether you’re a transplant from there - or know nothing about it and want to taste some new cheese - we hope you’ll join us for a cause. (We’re donating a portion of the proceeds for American Cheese Month.) We’re bringing in 6 cheeses for this tasting! So if you’re a regular, join us (because you haven’t had some of these cheeses!) More info and/or Purchase tickets here. DEADLINE TO PURCHASE TODAY AT 5PM!

Sat 5/9 (6-7:15): Behind the Scenes with “Best in the World Winner” Rogue Creamery (Oregon) Want to know the producer to make the first American cheese that won the World Cheese Awards - just this past year? It was David Gremmels and the Rogue Creamery team in Oregon for their seasonal Rogue River Blue, a blue cheese wrapped in grape leaves macerated in pear brandy. It is sold out and isn’t available anywhere...except we have some! They also make other award-winning organic blues and cheddars. We’ll taste Mt.Mazama, Hopyard Cheddar, Chocolate Stout Cheddar, Caveman Blue, Smokey Blue, and Rogue River Blue (with food pairings), while being regaled by stories from Veteran Cheesemonger and Rogue Creamery Ring Master Tom Voorhees. Note: we’re specially bringing in all these cheddars - which have never been in our shop before! Ticket details here.

Sun 5/10 (6:30-7:30): Mother’s Day Tasting - Women Behind the Wheels Where are all the female powerhouses out there? This tasting is a celebration of all the different types of women who’ve contributed to our industry. You can join us whether you’re a “mom” or not! This is simply a tasting of outstanding cheeses, which all happen to be made by or inspired by a woman. Let us share some never heard before stories with you, while we taste 7 cheeses paired with 7 food pairings. A great end to the weekend… (Note: Full disclosure - we’ve offered this class twice before in the past handful of years, and I can’t ever understand why this topic doesn’t sell out. John asked why I would try again. But I believe in it! So help us sell it out Austin!) Ticket link here.

Mother’s Day Resources

~ Mother’s Day Gift Box ($75) or other curated gift boxes (order today for shipping)
~ Cheese of the Month Club subscription
~ Tickets to our Mother’s Day Tasting
~ Cheese Tray (order by Sat)

Takeout Tuesday
Today is #TakeoutTuesday, an effort launched and supported by Visit Austin as part of annual National Travel & Tourism Week. The goal? Support our local hospitality industry by ordering takeout or delivery from local restaurants.

Community Partnerships
So many great folks have reached out to support us and other local businesses - through their own businesses. Thank you!
Knot Standard and Antonelli’s Cheese Shop have launched the Community Coalition. They’ve partnered with neighboring businesses in cites around the country to help navigate challenging COVID-19 times and come out stronger on the other side. To that end, they’ve created a “Buy Now, Redeem Later” offer. Spend $300 at Knot Standard and GET $500. That’s right; you pay $300. You’ll get a $400 credit to use at Knot Standard and a $100 gift card to Antonelli’s Cheese Shop. Win-win for everyone! (And thank you Knot Standard!)

Farmhouse delivery
: We thrive on collaborations and working with awesome Austin institutions. In fact, before we opened, we created a list of dream partners - everything from Uchi to Salt Lick Cellars. (Remember, this was almost 12 years ago!) We have almost accomplished that entire dream list, and today, and we're thrilled to announce that we're now partnering with Farmhouse Delivery. That's right! In addition to ordering directly through us, you can now add our selection of carefully-sourced and curated artisanal cheeses into your weekly Farmhouse Delivery basket. We have respected what FD has done (and is doing) since its inception in 2009. My how they've grown - as has their mission of connecting communities with their land and making local food more accessible. So, for all you FD lovers and supporters out there, make sure you check their weekly cheese offerings. We have a limited quantity available weekly! And thanks Farmhouse Delivery!

May is American Cheese Month!
American Cheese Month celebrates the dairy farmers, cheesemakers, retailers, cheesemongers, and chefs all working together to bring the best cheese to your table. There is no better time than NOW to support the American cheesemakers by buying American artisan cheese.
1. Buy local and share it, tagging #AmericanCheeseMonth #BuyAmericanCheese #ChooseItOrLoseIt
2. Take one of our May Facebook Live with the Antonellis virtual tastings. We're donating 5% of revenue to the American Cheese Education (ACE) Foundation.
3. NEW: Check out our American Cheese Grab Bag option online. We're donating 5% of revenue from these to the ACE Foundation. Includes Calabro Buff Mozz (CT), River Whey Indigo Ridge (TX), Central Coast Creamery Goat Gouda (CA), and Hook's Little Boy Blue (WI). That's a water buffalo, cow, goat, and sheep cheese - what a variety!

How You Can Help Us Stay In Biz
From Austin: From Anywhere in the United States: We offer FREE SHIPPING in Texas on orders over $75.

Stay Cheese - y!
John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team.