A Black Tie Affair

Featured (Virtual) Events This Week
Wed 5/20 (6-7 pm - but accessible online later): Facebook Live with The Antonellis - AWARD-WINNERS! Yes, we’re featuring all award-winning cheeses… but not just “any” ribbon winners… those that won BEST OF SHOW at the annual American Cheese Society competition. It’s canceled this summer - for the first time since its inception almost 3 decades ago - so we’re honoring these makers and celebrating their cheeses with our own awards show. And yes, John and I are going to try to squeeze into some old black-tie attire that’s getting dusty in our closets. Will you join us for a cause? Partial proceeds to benefit #AmericanCheeseMonth. Includes 7 cheeses, 7 food pairings, bread, and corn nuts. One plate intended per person. Purchase tickets here. DEADLINE TO PURCHASE TUES AT 5 PM!

Sat 5/23 (6-7:30 pm): Behind the Scenes with Green Dirt Farm SO EXCITING! Love Manchego? Love Pecorino? Love soft gooey Robiola? This is your class! We are thrilled to partner with this farmstead sheep farm and creamery in Missouri to bring you some of the best sheep milk cheeses around. This is an Animal Welfare Approved farm. Watch sheep frolic in pastures and learn about different breeds. See the cheesemaking vats full of luscious milk being transformed into magical, award-winning cheese. Peek into the aging rooms. AND! While we're being regaled with stories of this labor of love, enjoy a tasting of 6 sheep milk cheeses made at the farm. Their cheeses have won more than 80 awards in prestigious cheese and artisan food competitions like the American Cheese Society annual competition, the World Championship Cheese Contest, and the Good Food Awards, among others. Dairy sheep farms are, unfortunately, few and far between in the United States. They're a "limited breed" and "endangered species"! Taste with us, enjoy, learn, and find out how we can keep our sheep dairies in business and continuing to make delicious cheese. $40pp; (6 cheeses, 6 food pairings, and accompaniments) Tickets here!

Tastings in the Next Week

All are virtual with curbside pickups of cheese plates. Click on the calendar date here to get more info or tix:
Wed 5/20 - Best of Show Winners* (deadline today!)
Thu 5/21 - Pairing: Cheese & Edible Flowers
Fri 5/22 - An Antonelli’s Date Night (2 tix left!)
Sat 5/23 - Behind the Scenes: Green Dirt Farm
Tue 5/26 - Cheese 101 (benefiting Red Arena)
Wed 5/27 - Taste of Wisconsin*
*Note: All are small classes of about 30 via Zoom EXCEPT those with an asterisk. Those are via Facebook Live with John and Kendall Antonelli (and you can access only these at later times in the evening if you’d like). If you’d like to know about how each different type of class is offered and the benefits of each, check it out here and scroll to bottom.

In The Case
You can check out all our offerings through our online shopping portal here (for curbside pickup or local delivery). But I wanted to alert you to a few specialty items that are there. Some include extras we ordered for special events. Others are just tasting amazing right now. Some are cheeses the makers have asked us to help sell due to Covid pressures. So, consider these cheeses this week:
  • Rogue Creamery Hopyard and Chocolate Stout Cheddars (not normally featured in our shop; extra supply after our event last week!) - Oregon
  • Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue (which won World’s Best Unpasteurized Cheese!) - Vermont
  • Thomasville Tomme from Sweet Grass Dairy (a special order) - Georgia
  • June’s Joy (local goat cheese with honey, pepper, thyme) - many of you have reached out on social; we now have a good stock in supply so enjoy! - Texas
  • Humboldt Fog Mini Wheels (America’s iconic goat cheese that looks like a birthday cake. Have something to celebrate? Get a whole mini wheel (1 pound), put a candle in it, and celebrate! - California

Congrats Graduates!
We are in awe of you… We know you didn’t choose to graduate amid these challenges (and you're probably ridiculously tired of hearing about it), but you have nonetheless! And in the spirit of looking back at our own graduations (Class of 2020!), I offer up the Mary Chapin Carpenter song from which I borrowed my senior quote, which seems quite relevant today:

In this world there's a whole lot of trouble, baby
In this world there's a whole lot of pain
In this world there's a whole lot of trouble, but
A whole lot of ground to gain Why take when you could be giving?
Why watch as the world goes by?
It's a hard enough life to be living
Why walk when you can fly?

In this world there's a whole lot of sorrow
In this world there's a whole lot of shame
In this world there's a whole lot of sorrow
And a whole lot of ground to gain
When you spend your whole life wishing
Wanting, and wondering why
It's a long enough life to be living
Why walk when you can fly?

And in this world there's a whole lot of golden
In this world there's a whole lot of pain
In this world you've a soul for a compass
And a heart for a pair of wings
There's a star on the far horizon
Rising bright in an azure sky
For the rest of the time that you're given
Why walk when you can fly?

Looking to celebrate the graduate in your life? We’ve got a number of good options (that many of you have already been ordering - thanks!): Tickets to a Virtual Cheese Tasting, Cheese 101 in a Box, Gift Baskets, and a Gift Card.

In The News
So fun! GoDaddy reached out to us pre-pandemic to tell our story, alongside many other small business owners. Part of that project is ongoing and part pivoted - with one quick result in this commercial that’s been running nationwide. Thanks to everyone who has seen it and reached out to us! It’s a quick blip (...wait for it) and just adds a smile to our day (and hopefully yours). Check it out here - and let us know what other Austin representation you see!
Appreciations to We Are Austin and co-host Trevor Scott for talking with us on why and how we’re celebrating this month, despite challenging times. Video clip here.

May is American Cheese Month!
American Cheese Month celebrates the dairy farmers, cheesemakers, retailers, cheesemongers, and chefs all working together to bring the best cheese to your table. There is no better time than NOW to support the American cheesemakers by buying American artisan cheese.
1. Buy local and share it, tagging #AmericanCheeseMonth #BuyAmericanCheese #ChooseItOrLoseIt
2. Take one of our May Facebook Live with the Antonellis virtual tastings. We're donating 5% of revenue to the American Cheese Education (ACE) Foundation.
3. NEW: Check out our American Cheese Grab Bag option online. We're donating 5% of revenue from these to the ACE Foundation. Includes Calabro Buff Mozz (CT), River Whey Indigo Ridge (TX), Central Coast Creamery Goat Gouda (CA), and Hook's Little Boy Blue (WI). That's a water buffalo, cow, goat, and sheep cheese - what a variety!

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Stay Cheese-y!
John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team.