New Cheese 201 SERIES!

A Note
As I pondered what to write for our introductory greeting, I realized that you haven’t really heard from us personally in the past few months. Many of you follow our emails not only to know what’s coming up or what new cheeses we have in the case, but because we’re a small family-run business that shares our successes and challenges - both professionally and personally. But hah! What is there to say these days?! Same ole, same ole! We continue to juggle the reality of keeping a business going and team members employed during a pandemic, the challenge of needing to work every day while having our children every day (and the subsequent guilt trips that when we’re working, it often means they’re on some sort of device) - and that although we’re together ALL THE TIME, it’s a struggle to prioritize actual quality time. As a business, we face the exhausting adventure of irate would-be customers who want to come into the shop (when we’re still not open to walk-in traffic) and/or those who yell at our team members for perhaps a small mistake - or no mistake at all - not recognizing that service and hospitality industry workers are continuing to serve in the midst of a huge health crisis. But gratefully, those misguided angers are softened by those of you who continue to support us graciously just because you want us to stick around. What else is new? We continue to educate ourselves while taking anti-racist action - something our team has asked for more of and that we contemplate on how to create meaningful change... So you know. Same ole, same ole. Just the regular life stuff. So I’ll leave you with this, while many of us missed the father figures in our lives this past weekend (or perhaps were saddened by never having one at all), here’s to the dads we got to celebrate. In the midst of a lot of hard stuff, that’s one thing we’ve got going for our family - one heckuva dad. Here’s to you John.

Virtual Tasting - FLAVORED CHEESES
Wed 6/24 - Deadline MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to purchase tickets Every Wednesday, we - John and Kendall Antonelli - love inviting you into our home (crazy with kids and dogs) for a fun cheese tasting topic. This Wed 6/24, we’re exploring the world of FLAVORED cheeses - from truffles to fruits, seaweed to jerk, and beyond. (One even has bacon but we do have a flavored sub for vegetarians.) We’ll taste 7 different cheeses with food pairings. Definitely have your sparkling water nearby (see below; thanks Rambler!). You’ll need the palate cleanser for this flavor experience. Note: We don’t carry a lot of flavored cheeses in our case. For one, there are so many out there and we have very limited case space. For two, we aim to showcase the quality of the milk - which can be obscured or hidden when flavor is added. That being said, we’re going for it. Get ready for a ride! Purchase tickets today. You’ll pick up via contactless curbside on Wednesday and join us on Facebook Live at 6pm. (If you need to watch later, you can access the video on our facebook page later in the evening.) Tickets here.

For the month of June, “Facebook Live with the Antonelli’s" is brought to you by Rambler - a sustainable sparkling water made in Austin and proudly partnered with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, helping to conserve Texas lands and waters for future generations. Because we love bubbles and cheese, Rambler is graciously donating a can with each ticket purchase to serve as your perfect palate cleanser during our tasting. Thank you Rambler!

Announcing CHEESE 201 CLASSES!
Wed, July 1 (6pm) - Cheese 201: The Science of Cheesemaking with Food Scientist Pat Polowsky NEW series announcement! For those who have taken our most popular class Cheese 101 more times than they can count, we've got a great surprise for you. We're joining forces with food scientist Pat Polowsky to deep dive into various cheese topics for our Cheese 201 series. Pat is a food scientist by trade, specializing in cheese and dairy technology. He runs in his free time, and he’s currently pursuing a PhD at Purdue University in the Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication Department. Over the coming months, he’s going to co-lead various Cheese 201 classes with us - from the science of cheesemaking to the chemistry of cheese aging to mold development. Join us for an educational evening filled with the science that makes cheese so amazing. Similar to our other tasting classes, John Antonelli will lead you through a guided tasting of 7 cheeses with food pairing bites, while co-host Pat will use them as examples to decode the science of cheese. Note: We encourage you to take our regularly-offered Cheese 101 before taking this class, but it isn’t required. (Want to do both? Take our 6/29 Cheese 101 and then this 7/1 Cheese 201!) Tickets and more info here.

Urban Roots
Local nonprofit Urban Roots recently launched an all-new video series titled “Let’s Get Cooking with Urban Roots.” As part of the fun, they’re selling a box of produce each week and including a video cooking tutorial and recipe from a local chef! Antonelli's Cheese partnered with Urban Roots for week 2, and our Menonita cheese is featured in a Beef & Veggie Quesadilla recipe by Executive Chef Fermín Nuñez of Suerte. The video will be released on June 24th and will be available on Instagram TV and Urban Roots’ website. Hurry to purchase a box here for $50, available for pick up on June 26th. As a bonus, those who make an additional donation at checkout will be entered to win products from Made In Cookware!

(Virtual) Tasting Classes Coming Up
All are virtual with curbside pickups of cheese plates. Deadline to purchase tickets is midnight the night before an event. Click on the calendar date here to get more info or tix:
Tues 6/23 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
Wed 6/24 - Flavored Cheeses with The Antonellis
Sat 6/27 - Taste of Italy • Mon 6/29 - Cheese 101 (benefiting Equality Texas)
Tue 6/30 - Cheese & Chocolate Pairing • Wed 7/1 - Cheese 201: The Science of Cheesemaking - NEW!
Thu 7/2 - Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese
Fri 7/3 - Wine & Cheese Pairing with Corkless Wines
Fri 7/10 - Beer & Cheese Pairing with Vista Brewing

*Note: We offer classes and events in three different formats. If you’d like to know about how each different type of class is offered and the benefits of each, check it out here and scroll to bottom.

CELEBRATE! Not ready to brave restaurants? Or perhaps you don’t have the luxury of it as you seek to keep you or your imuno-compromised loved ones safe. Don’t forget we offer PRIVATE PARTIES for our Virtual Tasting Clients. Contact us for more details.

Charitable Cheese Cause: Equality Texas
Mon 6/29: Eat cheese and feel good about it! One day a month, we spotlight a local nonprofit doing great work in our community. We donate 5% of shop revenue (11-7), online revenue (all day), ticket sales for the tasting that evening, and after-class sales to the nonprofit. Plus, we shout their mission to the world. Thanks for helping us live our mission: #DoGoodEatGood. This month on Mon 6/29, we're supporting local nonprofit Equality Texas, which "works to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Texans through political action, education, community organizing, and collaboration." Virtual Tasting Class tickets or online shopping info.

In the News
Before the pandemic hit Austin, GoDaddy reached out to us. They were in the midst of a project collecting stories from small businesses and entrepreneurs as part of a campaign to encourage other would-be passion followers to go for it. Fast forward, and GoDaddy had to pivot their project as well. It turned into an #OpenWeStand campaign - noting that even if our doors are physically closed, we pivoted to remain open and serving others in whatever ways we each do best. You may have already seen the commercial circulating on national television. This week, GoDaddy did a spotlight on our business; check it out here complete with print and video (which also got picked up on the Bustle Media page. It's titled "How One Couple Reinvented a Ten Year Old Business in Ten Days.") And for more on this initiative (with a fun profile on what it was like for us), check out this article in the South Florida Times.

How You Can Help Us Stay In Biz

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Stay Cheese-y!

John & Kendall
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