Our Work Towards Becoming Anti-Racist

Black Lives Matter

We, John and Kendall Antonelli and the entire Antonelli’s Cheese team, believe that Black Lives Matter. We recognize that we can never remove the stains of social and racial injustice from our country's history, but we are committed to moving forward together. We pledge to listen, to learn, and to act. We recognize that any statement without action behind it is meaningless. For the past 2 years, we have committed to anti-racist work, including, but not limited to, financial contributions to nonprofits and organizations run by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) engaging in crucial work to battle systemic racism.

What matters most in the future:

Current Activity:

  • Our entire management team is participating in Courageous Conversation training from the Pacific Education Group.
    • Our entire leadership team—including Kendall, John and our six managers—have completed the introductory training. Additionally 5/6 have taken the more in-depth two-day seminar.
    • Learn more about the training program here.
  • We are intentionally sourcing and featuring artisan foods created by BIPOC.
  • We will continue engaging in partnerships with BIPOC, in our collaborations and in our donations to nonprofits.
  • We are reexamining our core principles and trainings for new hires to better prioritize inclusive language.
  • We ask for regular feedback in a safe space from our (self-identifying) non-white team members.
  • We are donating 5% of all Taste of Texas baskets to The Cheese Culture Coalition, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting equity and inclusion within the cheese industry by empowering BIPOC communities through education.
  • We pledge to create spaces for conversation in the cheese industry to acknowledge its marginalization of non-white voices. For example we have and will continue to advocate for the addition of BIPOC voices on international boards and committees, including the American Cheese Education Foundation.

Plans for the future:

  • We will evaluate our hiring practice to be more inclusive, including direct questioning of anti-racist values within our employment application.
  • We will also train our hiring managers to recognize bias, privilege, and power as it relates to the hiring process.
  • We will hold an annual training on building a culture of belonging.
  • We are evaluating quarterly staff educational opportunities that celebrate the role race has played in the American food industry.
We will make mistakes in this work, but we agree to learn from them, embrace discomfort in favor of education, acknowledge our own privilege, uncover our biases, and create an anti-racist organization that fights discrimination and fosters inclusivity. We can only achieve our mission to “Do Good. Eat Good.” when our values and practices are executed across a truly diverse and inclusive employee, partner and customer base. Our hearts and minds are open. Do you know a BIPOC leader or BIPOC-owned/associated business, organization, or product that would go great on a cheese board or as a pairing? Contact us here.