Last fall, we launched Raclette Nights in the Cheese House, and we blew up the internet. Honestly, what we thought would be an occasional event, turned into a regular repeat series, with tables selling out within minutes, and with a slew of private parties to follow. Well, we can’t invite you back into the Cheese House just yet. But we can bring the Raclette Party to you… Without further ado, we’re excited to announce…

Your eyes do not deceive you! Our new Raclette Night at Home is good for 1-6 people, comes with a ¼ wheel of cheese (over 3+ pounds), the machine to melt it, and all the fixins. Looking to make dinner a little more fun and interactive? Or perhaps you’re looking for a special way to celebrate with your quarantine pod. What’s better than melting and scraping a huge hunk of cheese onto your plate of potatoes, pickles, and cured meats (for the meat eaters). You get it all for $175. (Just the cost of this machine starts at $180!) You can rent it any day of the week, as long as items are returned by noon the next day (so it can go on to make the next person happy). We have a max of 4 per evening. Have a group larger than 6? Rent more than one kit (max of 4)! Get more details - and start reserving - here.

For those who have yet to know - or fall in love with - Raclette, here’s your teaser. It’s the name of a Swiss/French cheese, a machine, and a dish. There are known records of its consumption as early as 1291 in recorded texts from convents. Traditionally, it’s a half wheel of cheese melted fireside, then swiveled and scraped onto a plate of potatoes and goods. So all you Texans, just think of it as a more interactive form of eating queso. Ready?!

Family First. Then Business.
If you’re new to following us or reading this weekly newsletter, you may not know that we’re a small mom and pop biz, and I’ve been writing these weekly updates since Nov 2009! They’re always a mix of what’s tasting good in the shop, upcoming events, cheese 101 and knowledge, our entrepreneurial story, and a sprinkle of us, to name a few. Some of you have been with us since the beginning - our origin story of quitting our jobs on our honeymoon, to building this business plan, to our first hire, to our first class, to our first biological baby, and so on… So allow me this little indulgence (or skip to the next section).

John and I moved to Austin in 2005, after having purchased our first house sight-unseen(!). The first step to make it feel like home was to get a dog. Within two weeks, we’d identified a litter of six lab mixes which had been left in a cardboard box on the side of the highway, rescued and delivered to the San Antonio pound, and taken home by foster mom Rosie. She had two left, so we headed to San Antonio. Only we didn’t come home with one; we came home with two. And thus, our family was born and it felt like we’d made a home in Austin. Four years ago, we took a Hill Country hike and returned to the house to find that Dusty Bottoms had a bite, which turned to necrosis around his throat, and we lost him in surgery. The suddenness of it knocked the wind out of us. Our Lucky Day had never been a day in his 11 years of life without Dusty Bottoms (and we quickly got a replacement dog - who I swore wouldn’t get my heart. But of course she did…) And today, we have to say goodbye to our Lucky Day. We’ve made countless memories with him in the 15+ years he’s been a part of our family. People are weathering so much more traumatic life events than this, yet I just needed to stop and give pause. If I have to look for positive moments throughout this pandemic, one has been that we have all been a family cooped up together - all day every day confined within these 4 walls. So in the last half-year of his life, we’ve spent almost every single day literally by his side, or with him under our feet. We’ve shared many personal moments with y’all over the years, including the births of our kids from the hospital(!). You are a part of our story. Just as our Lucky Day is a part of that story. And I just needed to share. Thank you for letting me do that. P.S. To keep this cheese focused, I’ll share Lucky Day’s favorite cheese rind: ANY CHEESE RIND! :) #FamilyFirstThenBusiness

Wildfire Relief - Tasting of West Coast Cheeses
Speaking of folks who have it way worse… The ongoing devastation from wildfires impacting the Western United States is heartbreaking. Famed Rogue Creamery in Oregon was hit when team members lost their homes and dairy cows had to be evacuated. And they’re just one of many. When we feel paralyzed, we remember that we can do what we do best. Celebrate our makers and share their stories. So, will you join us Wed 9/23 for a Wildfire Relief Tasting? John and I will personally be leading the tasting, and we’ll be donating 100% of profits to efforts on the west coast. #DoGoodEatGood

Our Cheese Around Town

Here Nor There is open and also allowing for online orders and to-go pickup. HNT is a semi-private craft cocktail lounge and experiential hideaway born out of a desire to mingle and connect with like-minded peers working on meaningful pursuits. Want an amazing cocktail? Or cocktail kit? Or drinks package for 2? Check out their site, and order the charcuterie and cheese board while you’re at it!

Cool Collab: Cheese & Balsamics Pairing with Con’Olio
Thursday, 9/24: If you haven’t gotten in on this action yet, you should. Cheese is dense, decadent, and palate coating (which is why we love it, right?!). As the Italians know and love, balsamic vinegars cut right through it, and keep you coming back for more. This dance between acid and fat is a lovely sensory experience - and pretty delicious too. We’ll explore a range of flavors of balsamic vinegars, as well as talk about the health benefits of both and maybe even taste a 50-year old selection. Join us and support two local businesses!

(Virtual) Tasting Classes Coming Up
We’ve led almost 7000 Austinites in tastings since mid-March, and ready to double it! All are virtual with curbside pickups of cheese plates (or option for local delivery). Deadline to purchase tickets is midnight the day before an event. Anything in red below is a one-time or special event we don’t do often. See what’s coming up or our full September schedule here.
  • Tue 9/22 - Prosciutto, Salami & Cheese...Oh My!
  • Wed 9/23 - Wildfire Relief “West Coast Makers” Tasting with the Antonellis
  • Thu 9/24 - Cheese & Balsamic Pairing feat Con’Olio
  • Sat 9/26 - Antonelli’s Cheese Date Night
  • Sun 9/27 - Cheese & Honey Pairing
  • Mon 9/28 - Cheese 101 (benefiting Generation Serve)
  • Tue 9/29 - Taste of Italy
  • Wed 9/30 - Cheese & Ranch Rider Pairing with the Antonellis


Are you hosting any in person events?
Nope, all events are virtual right now.

Does your virtual event come with a physical cheese plate for tasting?
Yes! You pick up your cheese plate via contactless curbside the day of the event (or you may be able to add on delivery for a fee to some addresses). Refrigerate your plate. Then pull it out of the fridge 45min before your event start.

Do you deliver?
While we don’t personally deliver, we do partner with Favor Fleet and DropOff Couriers to some locations. You don’t have to do that work though. Just order as you normally would, and we’ll handle the delivery part.

Can I have a
private virtual party or event?
Yes! We’ve teamed up with individuals for special occasions like anniversaries and milestone birthdays, with companies to offer teambuilding appreciation events, and with nonprofits alike to help us all still cope with and celebrate through this pandemic. You need a group of at least 12 for a private party (at $40pp).

Can you ship my cheese plate?
Unfortunately, no. We cut cheese the day of the event. And what makes for good class plates (ie 1 ounce sample portions) does not make for good shipping conditions. However, we do offer a Cheese Class in a Box that we can ship. And if you want, get a group of 12 purchases together, and we’ll ship to your locations around the United States AND host a live event guided by one of our cheesemongers.

How You Can Help Us Stay In Biz
From Austin:
From Anywhere in the United States: We offer FREE SHIPPING in Texas on orders over $75.

Stay Cheese-y!

John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team