Cool Collab - Chocolate Pairing feat SRSLY Chocolate
Tuesday, Oct 6 at 6:30pm *Ticket Purchasing Deadline Tonight Know what pairs really well together? Cheese and Chocolate! Both have complementary bitter compounds, as well as other flavors that mimic each other, from fruity to earthy to nutty. Join us for this fun pairing as we specifically feature co-owner Bob Williamson of locally-made Srsly Chocolate to tell us how chocolate is made and take us through an exploration of pairings, alongside our cheese guide. And a surprise to me - Bob made a specialty bar featuring L’Amuse Gouda just for this event! Ever had a chocolate with cheese in it?! Now’s your chance! Ticket details here.

Behind the Scenes with (favorite) Beehive Cheese
Wednesday, Oct 7 at 6pm Cheddar rubbed in Espresso and Lavender? Yes! Join our “Behind the Scenes” virtual tasting featuring our good friends at Beehive Cheese in Utah! These have been some of our best events since the pandemic hit and a way for us to support our makers and get/stay connected with your food source. Your ticket gets you a tasting plate of 6 cheeses and food pairings; live access to our behind the scenes tour of the dairy cows, cheesemaking creamery, aging rooms, and more; and direct access to maker Pat Ford as he leads us through a guided tasting, co-hosted by our own John Antonelli. We brought in cheeses we don’t normally get to offer just for this tasting, so get in on the action. Ticket details here.

Promontory Cheddar
Seahive (rubbed in honey and sea salt)
Apple Walnut Smoked
Pour Me a Slice (collab made with Basil Hayden’s Bourbon)
Barely Buzzed (rubbed in lavender and espresso)
Red Butte Hatch Chile

Ah! Shout it from the rooftops! A long-time goal come true…. Honestly, it was in our original business plan. And it just took 10 years, a soul-changing trip to Spain, then pandemic, and being sequestered at home to make it happen. Without further ado, we’re excited to announce that we’ve (finally) launched our Conservas tinned fish line.

What are conservas?
In Spanish, conservas refers to foods that are preserved in cans or jars and typically refers to tinned fish and seafood. Initially discovered by Frenchman Nicolas Appert in the early 19th century as a response to Napoleon's challenge on how to easily store and transport food for soldiers in long wars, the art of canning now goes far beyond mere survival food for soldiers and campers alike. According to Culinary Backstreets writer Paula Morenza, “Spanish conservas are no mere soldier’s grub but gourmet food products where every ingredient matters. Variables such as the kind and quality of salt, sugar, oil and/or vinegar used in the canning process, the season and locale where the creature has been caught or harvested, the cut or part, the size or the number of pieces in the tin, and even the amount of time the product has aged, can all affect the taste and texture of conservas – which, like wine in a wooden barrel, will often improve in flavor over time… [T]he tradition of conservas more resembles that of keeping one’s most beautiful jewelry locked safe in a strongbox, to be brought out only on special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or the victory of a favorite football team.”

Seasoned in variations of oils, brines, peppers, and various takes on tomato sauces to keep the fish from drying out, your taste buds get to enjoy the delicate and intricate dance between the flavor and texture of the fish and its seasoned bath. If your first thought is “But I prefer fresh seafood,” I offer up Serious Eats’ writer Megan Lloyd’s explanation when interviewing famed chef Abel Álvarez of Asturias restaurant Güeyu Mar: “The best conserva makers are canning fish caught literally the day before. Why wouldn’t you maintain the freshness of that fish as long as possible?” Writes Megan, “[C]anning is a way to capture the catch at its peak—a tinned time capsule of unparalleled flavor and nutrients.”

How do I eat conservas?
In Spain or Portugal, conservas are often served simply: with bread, a glass of wine, and a simple salad. I fondly remember eating canned sardines on hikes as a kid with my father - straight out of the can on some plain, old crackers. In short, eat them how you want! And get creative! Much like our goal is to make artisan cheese approachable and accessible, so too is our new goal with the world of conservas. While they’re considered a delicacy and much more than “just canned fish,” they’re also meant for easy, casual eating. And don’t forget the remaining seasoning (aka “liquido de cobertura”)! If you haven’t already soaked up the juices with your bread, use it in your next salad dressing or atop pasta.

  • Squid in olive oil (La Brújula, Spain)
  • Yellowfin Tuna Belly in olive oil (La Brújula, Spain)
  • Sardines in stewed sauce (La Brújula, Spain)
  • Spiced Calamari in ragout (Jose Gourmet, Spain)
  • Mackerel Pate (Jose Gourmet, Spain)
  • Scallop Rillettes (Groix et Nature, France)
  • White Tuna in olive oil (Olosagasti, Spain)
  • Wild Cockles in sea salt brine (Matiz, Spain)
  • Octopus in olive oil (Ramon Pena, Spain) Sweet Piquillo Peppers stuffed with White Tuna (Ortiz, Spain)
  • Sardines in olive oil (Conservas Portugal Norte, Portugal)
  • Cod Fish in Biscayne sauce (Donostia, Spain)
  • Catabrian Anchovy Fillets in olive oil (Donostia, Spain)
  • Sardines in spiced sauce (Donostia, Spain) Lemon Caper Mackerel in olive oil (Patagonia, California)
  • Black Pepper Wild Pink Salmon (Patagonia, California)
  • Savory Sofrito Muscles (Patagonia, California) - coming soon
  • Ontario Trout with dill (Scout, Canada) - coming soon
  • Atlantic Canadian Lobster (Scout, Canada) - coming soon
We’ll be running more detailed spotlights on our social media, so follow along in our conservas journey - as we take a sensorial trip back to Spain! When purchasing online for pickup or delivery, look for the "fish" heading at the top of our online site.

In The Shop
Check out Addie Broyles’ recent feature in Austin360.com on new(er) local cured meat producer, The Salumeria, operated by co-owners Anthony and Gerardo. We’ve currently got their The O.G., an Italian-style salami seasoned with fennel, and Guanciale, cured pork cheek seasoned with juniper berries and bay leaves (and amazing for your next Carbonara or Amatriciana sauce). Help us live our #DoGoodEatGood mission supporting our local makers.

In the News
Ooh-la-la. DatingAdvice.com featured us in a recent article on ways we’re helping lovebirds (or would-be-lovebirds) re-imagine and enjoy date nights at home. And y’all know we love the love! After all, our first date was over fondue. And it was on our honeymoon that “we” (aka John!) decided to quit our jobs and “do something in cheese.” So whether you’re local or based elsewhere nationwide, we’re here to up your cheese-y romance game!

(Virtual) Tasting Classes Coming Up
We’ve led almost 8000 Austinites in tastings since mid-March, and ready to double it! All are virtual with curbside pickups of cheese plates (or option for local delivery). Deadline to purchase tickets is midnight the day before an event. See what’s coming up or our full October schedule here, including TWO DIFFERENT ROUNDS of Halloween Candy & Cheese Pairings.
  • Tue 10/6 - Cheese & Chocolate featuring local SRSLY Chocolate!
  • Wed 10/7 - Behind the Scenes with Beehive Cheese
  • Thu 10/8 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
  • Sat 10/10 - An Antonelli’s Date Night
  • Mon 10/12 - Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese
  • Tues 10/13 - Cheese & Preserves featuring local Confituras!
  • Wed 10/14 - Cheese 201 with food scientist Pat Polowsky - Science of Cheddars for National Cheese Curd Day
  • Thu 10/15 - Cheese & Honey Pairing
  • Fri 10/16 - An Antonelli’s Date Night
  • Sat 10/17 - Soft Cheeses: Rich, Gooey, Delicious
  • Sun 10/18 - Raw Milk Cheeses for International Raw Milk Cheese Day!


Are you hosting any in person events?
Nope, all events are virtual right now.

Does your virtual event come with a physical cheese plate for tasting?
Yes! You pick up your cheese plate via contactless curbside the day of the event (or you may be able to add on delivery for a fee to some addresses). Refrigerate your plate. Then pull it out of the fridge 45min before your event start.

Do you deliver?
While we don’t personally deliver, we do partner with Favor Fleet and DropOff Couriers to some locations. You don’t have to do that work though. Just order as you normally would, and we’ll handle the delivery part.

Can I have a
private virtual party or event?
Yes! We’ve teamed up with individuals for special occasions like anniversaries and milestone birthdays, with companies to offer teambuilding appreciation events, and with nonprofits alike to help us all still cope with and celebrate through this pandemic. You need a group of at least 12 for a private party (at $40pp).

Can you ship my cheese plate?
Unfortunately, no. We cut cheese the day of the event. And what makes for good class plates (ie 1 ounce sample portions) does not make for good shipping conditions. However, we do offer a Cheese Class in a Box that we can ship. And if you want, get a group of 12 purchases together, and we’ll ship to your locations around the United States AND host a live event guided by one of our cheesemongers.

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Stay Cheese-y!

John & Kendall
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