Halloween Candy & Cheese Pairing!

Halloween Candy & Cheese Pairing
Wed 10/21 and/or Wed 10/28 - It's BA-AACK! Featured on BuzzFeed and an annual favorite is our cheese and Halloween candy pairing. Only this year, we're upping the ante by offering TWO TASTINGS with ALL NEW PAIRINGS and NO REPEATS. The first round this week on Wed 10/21 features John's picks. The second round on Wed 10/28 features Kendall's picks. What candy are we pairing? We each got to choose in the following categories: chocolate 1, chocolate 2, sour, gummy, hard, spicy, and wildcard. So join one or both for a treat (and hopefully no tricks!). It's a TASTE OFF! Let the battle begin! To get tickets for either, click here noting that each ticket is intended per person and is for the specific event date you select.
This event is offered via Facebook Live. Simply pick up your plate via contactless curbside the day of the event from 1-4pm (or pay to have it delivered) and tune in later. You can join us live from 6-7pm with the ability to chat type us questions and special callouts (like birthdays and anniversaries) OR you can watch on our facebook page later in the evening when it’s convenient for you.

Austin Opera & Antonelli’s Cheese
Thu 10/22 or Sat 10/24 - We've teamed up with Austin Opera for a specially curated virtual cheese tasting event, Arias & Antonelli’s! Join us for a virtual tasting tour inspired by recent performances from Austin Opera’s Live from Indy Terrace series. One of our cheesemongers has paired a variety of cheeses with selected arias based on their country of origin and language, and you will be guided through the tasting while some of our most endearing Live from Indy Terrace performances are reprised for you on screen. Featured performances will include selections from Der Rosenkavalier, Tosca, Carousel, and more! Registration for the event is $40 per person and includes a cheese tasting plate for you to pick up via contactless curbside (or delivered for an additional fee). A portion of every ticket goes to support Austin Opera. Should you have any questions, please email Miranda Schultz or call 512-610-7689. Get tickets or more info here.

Beer & Cheese Pairing with Independence Brewing

Sat 10/24 - Almost 11 years ago to the day, we hosted our very first Cheese & Beer Pairing. Nope, we hadn’t even opened the shop yet. But we teamed up with local Independence Brewing for a tasting at their location. This pandemic is bringing back all sorts of nostalgia, as well as gratitude for our journey. So we’re thrilled to partner up with our friends again for this pairing. Your $55 ticket gets you a mixed 3-pack of beers and 6 cheeses. Each beer will be paired with two different cheeses to show the theories behind pairings and to bring out different flavors in the brews. Details and tickets here.

Holiday Gifting BEFORE HALLOWEEN?!

Um, yes. Forgive us. It’s a pandemic thing. Read on…. I know this is weird. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to see a single holiday decoration until the one before it has happened, and here we are mentioning holiday gifting. Alas, things are just flat out weird and abnormal these days. We are shipping more than usual and already have a dozen bulk corporate orders placed for the holidays. Guess folks are getting ahead this year! But truly, it’s for the better. Due to our space and constraints (just freaking freezing ice packs, supply chain issues, and more), we have a total allotment of 3000 gifts to ship this holiday season. And these holiday shipping issues won't be isolated to us; they're affecting folks nationwide. So this is the year to plan ahead. Last minute orders (ahem-speaking to myself) will be harder this year, not to mention the potential delayed ship times. SO! If you’re looking for a special way to treat your team or clients, we hope you’ll consider ordering through us, noting the sooner the better. You’d order now for your desired shipping date. (Also of note, consider sending your holiday gifts in mid-November this year, before folks transition with some oddly placed holiday time during the pandemic.) Our gifts start at $35, we offer special bulk gifting options, and by far the most requested item and our best “experience” is the “Cheese Class in a Box” for $125. We offer FREE SHIPPING in Texas for any gifts over $75 (pretax). Otherwise, shipping is $20 in Texas and $40 outside of Texas anywhere in the continental USA. Okay, that’s it. I know; weird.

I cannot thank you all enough. That was AWESOME! People would not stop talking about how great your Cheese Class in A Box was! So grateful for your partnership! Great work! ~
Brett K.

We send out gifts yearly and have never received much feedback. Then we sent your gifts and got a positive response from almost every single one of the 100 clients we sent to. Thanks for making us look good!. ~
Jessica F. (Their company has sent our gifts 8 consecutive years!)

Pumpkin Chevre is in!

Who needs pumpkin lattes when you can have locally-made Pumpkin Chevre! That’s right, one of your fave seasonal treats from CKC Farms in Blanco is now available in the shop. This fresh goat's milk cheese is a perfect munching treat, combining the tanginess of goat's milk with your fave fall flavors of pumpkin spice. Honestly, a spoonful tastes better than pumpkin pie (and is healthier)! Eat it straight up! Use it in cheesecake! Top it on your bagel! Smear it on apples for a perfect taste of fall. However you choose to enjoy it, just make sure to get in on the action while the action’s good. (Pictured here from CKC Farms is their spotlight of Caramel Pumpkin Chevre atop breakfast waffles, sprinkled with walnuts. Sign us up!)

Que Syrah, Syrah

The future may not be ours to see, but that doesn’t mean it won’t include some Syrah. Will it be pretty? Will it be rich? Here’s what I’ll say to you: Syrah (aka Shiraz) can be meaty, smoky, and full bodied, and with the right balance, can make for an amazing pairing with even the strongest of cheeses. It’s the S in our favorite GSM Rhône Blends but can easily shine on its own. We have a number of Syrahs (and one Shiraz) on our wall right now, and as we head into “fall” in Austin, we’re admiring Domaine de L’Ecu’s “Love & Grapes Nobis” Syrah.
Fred Niger lists two ingredients on his Rhône Syrah, love and, of course, grapes. Fred took over Domaine de L’Ecu from famed farmer Guy Bossard, whose Loire and Rhône Valley vineyards have been certified organic and biodynamic since the 70’s. Fred’s 25-30 year old Syrah vines, planted near the famed commune of Chȃteauneuf-du-Pape, are carefully tended, with no added fertilizers or pesticides. The wines of Domaine de L’Ecu are “sans fuss” and true to place; Fred’s Syrah is no exception. The 2017 Love & Grapes is bold and smoky but light on its feet, with notes of crushed peppercorn, black raspberry, and mesquite. Silky yet bright, lush yet refreshing, this “glou-glou” Syrah is immensely drinkable and pairable. Try with a deeply savory and nutty Comté, the funky Fourme D’Ambert, or your next delivery order of P. Terry’s fries. ~ David Rhodes, Antonelli’s Beverage Purchaser

Our Cheese Around Town

Check out Carpenter’s Hall at the Carpenter Hotel. Their patio is open for dining 5-9pm Tuesday through Saturday. Word on the street is that they’re sourcing some amazing Mahon for their Mojo Potatoes with Salsa Verde. Also a fan of their Tex Mez platter of yummy bites and snacks.

Planning on making a day trip to Fredericksburg? Make sure to stop by Southold Farm and Cellar. Make a reservation here to visit this Hill Country winery and stay safely socially-distanced. While you’re there sipping on wines and taking in the views, don’t forget to order a cheese board.

(Virtual) Tasting Classes Coming Up

We’ve led almost 8000 Austinites in tastings since mid-March, and ready to double it! All are virtual with curbside pickups of cheese plates (or option for local delivery). Deadline to purchase tickets is midnight the day before an event. See what’s coming up or our full October schedule here, including TWO DIFFERENT ROUNDS of Halloween Candy & Cheese Pairings.
  • Tue 10/20 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
  • Wed 10/21 - Halloween Candy & Cheese Pairing - Round 1 (John’s Picks)
  • Thu 10/22 - Taste of Spain
  • Fri 10/23 - Cheese & Preserves Pairing
  • Sat 10/24 - An Antonelli’s Date Night
  • Sat 10/24 - Cheese & Beer Pairing featuring Independence Brewing
  • Tues 10/27 - Cheese & Chocolate Pairing
  • Wed 10/28 - Halloween Candy & Cheese Pairing - Round 2 (Kendall’s Picks)
  • Thu 10/29 - Cheese & Pickles Pairing
  • Fri 10/30 - An Antonelli’s Date Night
  • Sat 10/31 - Once Upon a Spooky Cheese Night… (cheese tasting told through spooky story; costumes optional with a giveaway prize!)


Are you hosting any in person events?
Nope, all events are virtual right now.

Does your virtual event come with a physical cheese plate for tasting?
Yes! You pick up your cheese plate via contactless curbside the day of the event (or you may be able to add on delivery for a fee to some addresses). Refrigerate your plate. Then pull it out of the fridge 45min before your event start.

Do you deliver?
While we don’t personally deliver, we do partner with Favor Fleet and DropOff Couriers to some locations. You don’t have to do that work though. Just order as you normally would, and we’ll handle the delivery part.

Can I have a private virtual party or event?
Yes! We’ve teamed up with individuals for special occasions like anniversaries and milestone birthdays, with companies to offer teambuilding appreciation events, and with nonprofits alike to help us all still cope with and celebrate through this pandemic. You need a group of at least 12 for a private party (at $40pp).

Can you ship my cheese plate?
Unfortunately, no. We cut cheese the day of the event. And what makes for good class plates (ie 1 ounce sample portions) does not make for good shipping conditions. However, we do offer a Cheese Class in a Box that we can ship. And if you want, get a group of 12 purchases together, and we’ll ship to your locations around the United States AND host a live event guided by one of our cheesemongers.

How You Can Help Us Stay In Biz
From Austin:

From Anywhere in the United States: We offer FREE SHIPPING in Texas on orders over $75.

Stay Cheese-y!

John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team.