Big Milestone for Our Business

Hiring Frenzy
While John, the kids, and I were shark tooth hunting last week, the team got busy gearing up for a summer reopening of the shop, Cheese House events, and more. That reopening date is still to be determined, and depends in part on getting some more awesome team members hired. Come be a part of our herd! While we aren't quite as awesome as this beautiful Point Reyes herd, we still think of ourselves as always striving to be "juggernauts of awesome." As of now, we have open positions for shop cheeesemongers, production cheesemongers, and….drumroll please...our first ever marketing person. AHAHAHAH! Okay, that might not seem like a big deal to you. But it’s a huge milestone for us. You see, I have been the one running all our marketing for the past 12 years - with no formal training. We’ve done well enough while bootstrapping our marketing, yet it was an expense as a small and pop that we just couldn’t afford to take on. Well, it’s time to take our business to the next level. So, we’re hiring our FIRST EVER MARKETING GURU! Ah! Read on for more details about each position. Applications should be submitted through our Indeed posting here. Please forward this email and spread the word! Referral incentive: if you refer someone who gets hired, we’ll give you a $50 gift card or 2 tickets to a cheese tasting (value $90). And if you help us hire our marketing manager, I’ll personally give you a really big vaccinated hug (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Brand Marketing Manager (FT) -While this awesome person will work with our team across the biz, they’ll specifically be in charge of executing all marketing and advertising (after cross training with me). Previous experience necessary. Learn more about what we’re looking for in the job posting. I’m SO EXCITED to meet you and hand over the reins, so that someone’s talents can help us out in all the ways I’ve been holding us back.

Shop Cheesemonger (PT) - All about service, smiles, and storytelling! Think of this position as working “front of house” with customers to get them the perfect cut-to-order wedge of cheese and pairing. We’re looking for a couple part-time folks, which would be about 20-29 hours/week over 3-4 shifts. If you’re super interested but looking for full-time, let us know in the application and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Production Cheesemonger (PT) - About solo work and working with a team, heads down, music on, pumping out big prep orders. Think of this position as working “back of house” to make cheese trays, plate class tastings, and cutting/preparing to-go orders. We’re looking for a couple part-time folks, which would be about 20-29 hours/week over 3-4 shifts. If you’re super interested but looking for full-time, let us know in the application and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

National Cheese Day!
Fri 6/4 (6:30pm) - This Friday, we’ll be celebrating National Cheese Day with a virtual tasting class of some of our cheesemongers’ and customers’ favorite cheeses and favorite pairings. The best of the best! Whether this tasting is your Friday highlight or it’s your happy hour before you head out on the town, it’s time you got your cheese groove on and celebrated this national day of honoring the humble curd and all it can grow into being. Get tickets here. Then pick up your plate curbside or pay to have it delivered on Friday, and join us virtually that evening for some wow pairings. If you want to throw your own celebration, order one of our dozens of tray options here or put together your own selection for curbside pickup here.

Honey & Cheese Pairing AT The Honey Ranch
Sun 6/27 (11-1pm): Some good has come out of this pandemic mess, and it includes the opening of Two Hives Honey in Manor. Affectionately dubbed “The Honey Ranch” by beekeeper Tara Chapman, this interactive bee heaven includes beekeeping classes, a shop full of tasting and cute bee swag, beekeeping equipment, and fun events. We are thrilled to partner with Tara and her team for our first Honey & Cheese Pairing at The Honey Ranch on Sun 6/27! Wear breezy clothes (yes, summertime!). We’ll be in the large, airy classroom barn with both side doors/bays rolled up, allowing for maximum airflow, and we’re intentionally keeping ticket sales tight to allow for spacing. Salty cheese with sweet honey? Multiple pairings? Yes please! Sign us up! Ticket details here.

Our Cheese Around Town - Sammie's
Located smack in the heart of downtown on W 6th St, Sammie’s Italian Restaurant is a classic! Enter through their red, upholstered front door, order a martini, and begin your meal with their Warm Burrata - a bowl full of cream-filled mozzarella from Calabro Cheese in CT, salsa verde, and grilled focaccia bread. Yum!

Announcing June Tasting Events
Ticket sales are now up and running for all our June events offered in Austin and for local curbside pickup. (If you’re out of Austin, consider our Cheese Class in a Box on demand tasting experience that we can ship nationwide!). From your regularly offered monthly favorites to one-of-a-kind unique events, to new topics altogether, we’ve got great offerings for those of you who have done 20+ tastings (woohoo!) and those of you who have yet to join us. You can search by class topic, date, in-person events, or virtual events. Note that right now all of the following are virtual unless otherwise noted.

Stay Cheese-y!

John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team.