TODAY Is the Day! We Are OPEN!

We Are Open!
After 456 days of being closed to walk-ins, we can excitedly proclaim that, as of 11am today, WE ARE OPEN for customers to come into our cut-to-order shop. Some of you have followed and supported us since we opened in 2010; others of you may have found us during the past year. What’s the big deal? Here’s a rundown of some details and what sets us apart:
Where: 4220 Duval Street ATX 78751
When: Visit us any day of the week from 11am to 7pm (masks optional for vaccinated folks)
What: We’re a specialty grocer (ie not a restaurant) that sells:
  • Food & Drink - Cheese, Charcuterie (aka cured meats), Conservas (tinned seafood), Wine/Beer/Cider, Olives & Pickles, Preserves & Honey, Fresh Baguettes Daily, Dried Fruit, Chocolate & Crackers...basically, we like to say “everything delish you’d want to take on a picnic”
  • Cheese Trays - order by midnight the day before (or ask if we have an extra available); made fresh daily
  • Fully-Loaded Picnic Baskets & Gifts - we can do on the fly or preorder

  • Cut-to-order: Unlike other places, you come in, taste until you find what you like, and we fresh cut whatever size you want. Nothing is sitting wrapped in plastic for undefined periods of time, and you get just what you need
  • Sampling: We let you taste almost everything; in fact, we encourage it! (And there are no passive samples where everyone touches it. Instead, we fresh cut you bites and give directly to you.)
  • Locally owned and operated mom and pop biz
  • Mission driven: “Do Good. Eat Good.” which includes support of local charities
  • Selection: we represent, source from, and support smaller artisans. Did you know that our shop was one of the first to carry many well known rockstar today, like Jester King, Confituras, Two Hives Honey, and more?! Knowledge: We have seven Certified Cheese Professionals on our team! We’re always down to tell you stories behind the labors of love you enjoy
  • Fresh: Everything from our cheese trays to online preorders are made fresh daily!

  • All customers are welcome in the shop. Masks are optional for vaccinated folks
  • Our team is continuing to wear masks
  • Please maintain a 3 foot distance from cheesemongers (ie the width of our cheese case)
  • Please be kind. To our team. To our neighbors. To all our guests. We thank you.

We are ready for you! Are you ready for us? We hope you’ll make the Cheese Shop your destination today, tomorrow, or over this weekend. And remember, cheese is always better fresh cut. So just get what you need for a week, then come back and see us the next week… just like a weekly visit to a grocery store or farmers’ market! This is (most of) the awesome crew responsible for getting you all your artisanal treats, whether they work behind the scenes or on the counter. (We finally got to see each other a few days ago - including some faces we’d never seen! Appreciations to LA Barbecue for catering!) THANK YOU AUSTIN FOR HELPING US REOPEN OUR DOORS! COME SEE US!

The Cheese House is OPEN for Events!
I've lived in Austin my entire life and, hands down, that was one of the coolest things I've done in this city. The cheese was delicious, the pairings were carefully chosen and the whole evening emanated a love of one's work and sharing it with others…You guys hit it out of the park. It was the best and most unique team event we've done to date. Cheers. ~Rachel
Whether you want to book your own private tasting event or you’re just craving experiences outside your house and want to attend one of our in person public classes, we’re happy to oblige!
Whether or not you’re ready to get out and about, the good news is that we’re going to continue offering a handful of virtual events. Just remember to pick up your plate the day of the event - only this time, you’ll go into the Cheese Shop at the register. (If you’re outside of Austin, consider our Cheese Class in a Box on demand tasting experience that we can ship nationwide!)
Charitable Cheese CauseShop on Monday 6/28 and you’ll be supporting the Austin Center for Grief and Loss. That’s right, they’re our #CharitableCheeseCause nonprofit beneficiary partner for the month of June. We’ll be donating 5% of all shop purchases that day to them to help in their mission “to assist children and adults as they move from loss to life, transforming their grief through therapy, support, education, training and consultation.” Or, if you’re looking for something to do, buy tickets today to our virtual tasting on Mon 6/28. We rarely offer our Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese tasting anymore, so this is your chance to learn while doing good.

Our Cheese Around Town - The Wayback Cafe
Drive just fifteen minutes from downtown Austin and you can find yourself in Hill Country bliss. The Wayback is a “casual, boutique hotel” with eight cottages to choose from, and a café that balances local and seasonal ingredients, such as the two cheeses on their cheese plate. Both from Dublin, TX, the plate includes Doublin’ Down (a luscious double creme brie-style from Armagh Creamery), and Ol’ Redneck (a well-aged, beer-infused cheddar from Veldhuizen Cheese)

Meat Me Online
Last week marked the epic annual showdown of cheesemongers battling in the Cheesemonger Invitational, but this year, the theme was an inaugural “Meat Me Online.” Not only did over 60 mongers from across show their cheese chops (literally) but they also jumped through hoops to show their charcuterie prowess. Virtually rigorous and demanding, this consisted of multiple days of awesome training with producers and then online competitions. Straight up living our core principles to “Improve Every Day” and “Be Juggernauts of Awesome,” we had THREE mongers sign up to compete.

Casie Wiginton, Christine Townsted, and Abigail Wernsman represented our biz. Abigail even managed to take home a first place in the best class proposal category for her pitch “Mother of Invention: A History of Salami and Necessity.” Organizer Adam Moskowitz (one of our distributors) even wrote to us afterwards: “Your 3 mongers are exceptional. Sharp, prepared, articulate, knowledgeable, earnest, charismatic… Be proud. They make your shop shine.” We sure are Adam! If you want to relive a piece of the action, or just experience what Adam is talking about, know that Casie, Christine, and Abigail are all our class hosts. So just sign up for one of our cheese tastings, and you’ll see them in action. Way to go gals! Head on over to our Facebook page to see their creations. Pictured here is one of Christine's meat boards.

Stay Cheese - y!

John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team.