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OUR PRICE: $140.00

Description The Deets
5 cheeses (2 lbs total) · 3 meats · accompaniments · serves 24+

This is our go-to Cheese Tray - like the one Kendall and John Antonelli take to every party. If you could only order one thing and had no dietary restrictions, we’d suggest our Cheese, Meat, and Treats Tray - because it truly offers a little bit of everything. Expect to enjoy five cheeses, three cured meats, and pairings. To ensure everyone loves something, the cheeses represent various styles and milk types, and the cured meats are diverse as well (selected from prosciutto, salami, and more). Whether for your office Friday happy hour or a conference that aims to please, or you’re hosting or headed to a friend’s dinner party, this is the tray to bring. Also a fan favorite for tailgating and watch parties. Our most popular (and versatile) order! Plated on a 16x16” wooden tray.