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OUR PRICE: $100.00

Description The Deets
5 cheeses (2.5 lbs total) · 4 meats · serves 12+

The original! This is the first cheese board we ever sold in 2010 - our Cheese & Meat Tray. Expect none of the fluff, none of the filler, none of the extras. This tray is all about showcasing five delicious cheeses and four cured meats. All your bang for your buck goes directly into the artisanal cheeses and meats featured. With the rise in popularity of beautifully-plated boards, we’ve kept this one just as it is. One customer noted, “I’m tired of all that extra stuff. I just want my cheese and meat board.” Well friend, here you go. Keto friendly! Plated on a 12x12” wooden tray.