PLEASANT RIDGE RESERVE - 1/2 pound wedge


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Current farm owners Andy and Caitlin Hatch and Scott and Liana Mericka took over from Upland's Cheese Co. founders Mike Gingrich and Dan Patenaude. They have crossbred nine different types of cows for the best milk makeup (protein content, butterfat, minerals), best yield, and most well-suited to the lifestyle of living outside and traversing the mountain ridge, Pleasant Ridge!

Each day, the cow herd is moved to a different part of pasture, ensuring that the land is healthy and does not erode easily, and that the cows are getting the best grasses and not over-grazing any one spot.

Their cheeses are ripened in rooms in the creamery and washed to encourage bacteria on the rind. Like the Alpage versions of alpine cheeses, Uplands Cheese Company only makes Pleasant Ridge Reserve from May through October when the cows are eating fresh pasture. Pleasant Ridge is the most-awarded cheese in American history!

Additionally, Andy Hatch sets aside a few special wheels to age out at least 15 months, concentrating everything you love about this cheese!

The crunchy crystals embedded in the velvety paste add some great texture to the nutty and earthy cheese. A great melter! Great as a summer cheese with an awesome white wine and fresh tomatoes.

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