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Raclette Night at Home

Raclette Night At Home

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With cooler temperatures rolling in, Raclette season is here! What better way to gather together than with Raclette.

Raclette comes from the French word "racler," meaning "to scrape." Raclette is the name of a cheese, a machine, and a dish - generally cheese melted fireside onto a plate of potatoes, cured meats, and pickles.

For $175 you receive the following:
*Rental of Raclette machine that fits 1/4 wheel of cheese. ($180 per machine replacement cost)
*Raclette knife rental ($50 replacement cost)
*Quarter wheel of raclette (2.5+ lbs)
*Sliced meats, potatoes, assortment of pickled goods (cornichons, onions, peppedews), kale salad with dressing, and 2 baguettes
*Link to John and Kendall Antonelli's 20-minute video tutorial on Raclette

Once you pick up your kit from our Cheese House, all you'll need to do is cook your potatoes to your preference (roast, boil, or instapot!), dress your salad, plug in your machine, and dive into the magical world of Raclette!

Your Raclette machine and knife are due back by Noon (12pm) the following day. Do not clean them. Instead, return them dirty in the crate provided. We will immediately plug it in. If it works and there's no damage, great! If not, your card on file will be charged the amounts lists above and you can keep the machine. By renting, you agree to these terms.

So, who's ready to party? Whether you want to treat yourself or a sweetheart, or have a small safe gathering of close friends, a Raclette Party is the "whey" to go!

Have more than 6 folks? Then rent another kit! We have 5 machines total.

*photos by Lindsay Vandygriff