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“Kendall is real, raw, and authentic.”

“Through her humor and willingness to bare all, Kendall has a way of making life’s professional and personal challenges digestible and like we can overcome any obstacle.”

“I’ve been attending conferences and talks for years, and that was by far one of the most informative presentations I’ve seen. I left with tools I can do right now, and I’ve been in business for over 30 years!”

Kendall Antonelli

is a larger-than-life speaker, seamlessly interweaving stories of humor, loss, joy, and challenges experienced in her entrepreneurial career as the founder of an internationally-acclaimed, yet small mom and pop artisan food shop. She’s a mom, a business owner, a depression survivor, a Certified Cheese Professional, a former rodeo queen and competitor, and a world traveler. Oh, and she’s also been hospitalized from a snake bite and lived to tell the tale. Part improv, part performance, Kendall puts on a show, simultaneously entertaining and motivating you. When she’s through with you, you’ll definitely have laughed, you might have cried, and you’ll be ready to seize the day at work, do what you love and love what you do, and spread joy.

Kendall is an award-winning, motivational speaker, and published author. Her topics cover themes of entrepreneurship, career pivots, creating a loyal fanbase of customer support, branding, seeking inspiration, work-life balance, passion with purpose, overcoming loss, battling depression, and squeezing the heck out of life. Read on for specific presentations.


  1. Entrepreneurship
    Career Pivot
  2. Building A Loyal Fan Base
  3. Overcoming Loss
    Battling Depression
  4. Working Moms
    Work/Life Balance
  5. Finding Passion with Purpose
    Spreading Joy

Passion with Purpose: A Tale of Entrepreneurship, Love, and Cheese

The goal to create a meaningful life – when both your professional and personal lives intersect in a way that brings you success and joy – lies in our core principle: Passion With Purpose. Our story of entrepreneurship, that is, quitting everything we trained for and knew for an unknown path, is a romantic one of deciding to quit our jobs on our honeymoon to work together for a life in cheese. But it was also a calculated step to identify our passion, our vision, and our core principles. Through doing so, we've now been voted Local Heroes the last eight consecutive years, had our events listed as one of the top experiences in Austin, and been named one of the best cheese shops in the country (in year 4 of our business). Share in our story of love, cheese, family, success, and - yes - challenging failures to help inspire you to identify and embrace a life of passion with purpose!

Creating Buzz for your Biz

Ever wonder why some businesses seem to get all the buzz, press mentions, awards, and likes (especially when it feels like you’re doing similar things)? Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t initially have the resources for a marketing department. They may have a great product or service but are lacking the resources to get attention for it. And getting good press is only half the battle. Continuing to be relevant in the news is more challenging. Find out what a internationally-acclaimed, award-winning retailer has done to generate buzz for her business (on a budget), turning good media coverage into increased revenue. Participants will develop strategies to communicate their brand and to build media relations that gets their name in the news.

Toot Your Own Horn: How Advocating For Yourself Generates Revenue

We're taught to be humble, kind, and gracious (especially as women) - which can sometimes come at the expense of advocating for ourselves and our businesses. It doesn't have to be one or the other. We can be all those things and proud of who we are and what we do. Actively advocating for ourselves (the right way) gets our business name in the spotlight, and that attracts customers. Learn how to assert your professional voice in a way that gets you noticed and builds a customer base of supporters, identify resources and forums for getting your work recognized, and walk away with strategies to increase your bottom line.