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Shipped - Twelve Month Club Membership (additional shipping charges apply)

Shipped Twelve Month Club Membership

When you join at the 12-month level, you or your gift recipient will receive twelve extraordinary months of hand-selected cheese (and occasionally a perfect pairing). Shipping will be assessed at $20 per month ($240 assessed at time of checkout).

What's included?
Each month's selection varies, generally offering three to five cheeses and sometimes including a pairing. When we receive hard-to-get, seasonal, small-batch/limited production treats, our Cheese Club members get first dibs. Cheese quantity and sizes will vary depending on selection.

How does it work?
When you order a membership, a welcome email will be sent to you [or to your recipient explaining your generous gift]. Then, each month, we will send reminders that a new package is on the way. Don't forget: you can always give yourself this gift.

When does it start?
Shipments will begin the month immediately following the month you place your order.
OUR PRICE: $560.00

Gift Recipient Info (if applicable):