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OUR PRICE: $80.00

Description The Deets
5 cheeses (1.54 lbs total) · accompaniments · serves 8+

Did you know that many cheeses use rennet to coagulate the milk and transform it from liquid to solids? While rennet is traditionally an animal by-product, many cheesemakers use vegetarian rennet - thistle, vegetable, or microbial rennet. This Small Vegetarian Cheese Tray features a diverse selection of 5 cheeses made from vegetarian rennet. Whether or not you and your guests eat meat, this is a delicious selection of cheeses and accompaniments. Because we love pairings to showcase the cheese, you’ll get a combination of fresh and dried fruits, pickled veg and/or olives, and some salty, crunchy, addictive quicos (Spanish corn nuts). Plated on a 12x12” wooden tray.