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Curbside Pickup

This is a great option if you prefer to not get out of your car

If you have placed an order through any of the following, you are eligible for contactless curbside trunk pickup:

  • By Phone or
  • By ordering through our website

  • Please give us an hour to process your order. After that, please arrive at the shop and dial 512-887-1789. Our cheesemongers will answer the phone so you can provide a description of your car and where you are idling. We will take it from there.

    Note: If we do not pick up the phone, we are assisting customers. We are a small team. That being said, let it continue to ring and we will be with you as quickly as we can. Alternatively, you can pop your head in the door and state your name, and we will then run your selection outside to you. Otherwise, continue to stay on the line. Thanks for your patience while we work through this new system!