CHEESE 101 IN A BOX - (2-4 ppl) EPISODE VI

CHEESE 101 IN A BOX - (2-4 ppl) EPISODE VI

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EPISODE VI - Launched by the team at Antonelli's in December of 2021, this episode features producers like Crown Finish Caves, Firefly Farms, Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, and Sweet Grass Dairy.

Our Cheese Class in a Box is a great way to enjoy Saturday night. Or lunchtime on a Tuesday. Or heck - 9am on a Thursday, because in these times, why not?! Included in this package is a box of goodies, a tasting menu, and a pre-recorded video link to our online Seven Styles of Cheese class taught by our owners John and Kendall Antonelli. Upon receipt, you can set up your tasting, tune into the pre-recorded video, and enjoy your guided tasting all at your own convenience. Our certified cheese professionals will share with you stories of the cheesemakers, flavors that you might expect from the product and what pairings make sense together.

Recommended for 2 people but provides tasting amounts for up to 4.

Please note: This is not a live class that we sell through our events program. This is a shipped box that includes a link to a pre-recorded guided tasting that you can follow at your leisure. Please visit our events page to attend one of our virtual LIVE classes.

Contains approx. 2 pounds of cheese, 7 pairings, and crackers.

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