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We get it. Sometimes purchasing artisan, specialty foods feels like an indulgent splurge. While we encourage the regular support of smaller farmers and producers across the nation and globe for multiple reasons, you can rest assured that with the purchase of our "Do-Gooder" collection, your money is well spent. 

You're not only supporting often-underrepresented folks who work hard to bring delicious, traditional foods to our tables, but these companies are also mission-driven. Additionally, many have community give-back programs. This set includes 4 domestically-made cheeses, conservas, chocolate, cured meat, and jelly from companies that all "Do Good" in their own ways. From operating an animal sanctuary for retired, abused, and/or disabled animals to running a nonprofit that gets challenged youth out of inner-city classrooms to learn on the farm, there are a number of ways these makers "do good" in their communities and for our food system in general.

Selections highlight Slow Food members, who make food that is "good, clean, and fair." Others are Good Food Award winners, producing food that is "tasty, authentic, and responsible." Some of the companies have achieved B Corporation certification, meeting rigorous standards to show how they balance profit and purpose. So yes, you can eat your cheese and feel good about it too. And that's all part of our own "Do Good. Eat Good." mission.

We're donating 5% of all "Do Gooder" sales to the Cheese Culture Coalition, nonprofit promoting equity and inclusion within the cheese industry. This is part of our participation in the Victory Cheese movement, a grassroots collective of cheese industry folk banding together to keep our farmers, dairymen, and women, and cheesemakers in operation.

Possible Example:

  • Kunik
  • Reading Raclette
  • Caveman
  • Aux Arcs
  • Lemon Mackeral
  • Amazonia
  • Finocchiona 
  • Apple Cider Jelly

Please note that we cannot fulfill same day shipping requests at this time and order may take up to 3-7 days for processing due to higher than normal volume.

Products that are perishable require express shipping to ensure they arrive fresh and delicious as pictured. HOW WE SHIP.

For your convenience and to avoid wait times in the Cheese Shop, online orders should be picked up at our Pickup Window, located directly behind our cheese shop in the alley between Uncle Nicky’s and Julio’s. To avoid congestion, please do not pick up in the Cheese Shop.

Please plan to pick up your tray at your selected pickup time, noting we have a designated pickup window open daily from 11am-7pm.

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Are any products guaranteed? Artisan foods are often made in small batches by individuals. That’s what makes them unique. Sometimes, artisan production doesn’t go according to plan. For that reason, we never guarantee specific items in our collections. We do promise that you’ll get the same promised quantities (or more) than what’s listed in the collection. Note that photos above are representative of items and quantity included.

Can I select my own cheeses? Every collection features a variety of styles (bloomy/soft, hard, blue) and milk types (goat, cow, sheep) to showcase different cheeses, ensuring all your guests - from cheese novices to turophiles - love something. We select and order the cheeses from our artisan makers seasonally. While you can’t customize your selection, you can specify if you want us to avoid something (like “no blue cheese please”) in the notes section. Ultimately, our goal is that everyone loves the cheese. (Otherwise, we’d be out of business!)

What if I don’t like a certain type of cheese? Please let us know in the notes section, and we’ll do our best to avoid it!

What are the pairings offered? We try to showcase the 5 tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami - as a compliment to the cheese selection. While it can vary, we generally include a selection of fresh and dried fruits, pickled vegetables and/or olives, and Quicos (addictive Spanish corn nuts).

What if we have allergies? Please specify any allergies when ordering, and note that we cut/wrap and build our collections in our facilities, where marcona almonds and bread are present. We also use latex or vinyl gloves.

For 1-9 orders, please call our Customer Experience Advisor at (512) 531-9610 during business hours to discuss creating an assortment that fits your goals.

For 10+ orders, schedule a call with our hospitality team here. Customizations may include: branded cutting boards, additional products, budgets of $200+, adding cheese accessories, etc.

To purchase less than 10, please place orders individualy.

To purchase more than 10, schedule a call with one of our sales team here.

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