A Taste of Terroir

A Taste of Terroir

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It is one of our favorite times of year, Anniversary Week.  Each year we celebrate the day we opened our doors and started spreading joy through cheese.  We are so excited to celebrate our 12th birthday!  This year we will be celebrating with a special event series: A Taste of Terroir.  Terroir is the set of unique local conditions including the soil, topography, weather, and vegetation where a product is grown, harvested or produced.  We will be celebrating the diverse land that creates the ever-evolving flavors of products we know and love.  Each event will feature a producer who is a master at their craft and local to Austin (Each event will be held In-Person at our Cheese House, 500 Park Blvd; from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.).

Saturday, 2/5 - Cheese & Wine with Southold Cellars 

Regan and Carey Meador established Southold Farm + Cellar on the North Fork of Long Island in 2014, then were lured by the charms of Gillespie County and Fredericksburg culture to relocate the winery & vineyard to Texas in 2017.  Speaking of terroir, their sole mission is to "make wines that speak of place and time, that thrill and delight our friends, family and ourselves."  To capture that ethic in a bottle, Southold embraces the unique conditions of each season consciously circumventing stylistic emulations of other regions or forced consistency.

Sunday, 2/6 - Cheese & Coffee with Cuvee Coffee 

Cuvée started as an experiment in craft – one that continues to this day.  It began in 1998, when Mike McKim began building a direct-trade network to ensure higher quality & more consistent access to coveted coffee varietals.  It continued into a world-class lab in Austin, where every roast is custom-dialed to enhance the terroir of each unique bean.  More recently, curiosity led Mike & Co. to pioneer Nitro Cold Brew in a widget-activated Nitro can.  And then, of course, they went ahead and built the world’s coolest cold brewery.  The tinkering never ceases – and we are HERE for it!

Monday, 2/7 - Cheese & Chocolate with Madhu

"Madhu" is named for co-founder Harshit Gupta's mother, a well-loved cook.  In Hindi it means 'Honey' or 'Sweet.'  Gupta & Madhu partner Elliott Curelop started in their Austin kitchen, experimenting with combining flavors of Indian cuisine with their favorite sweet: chocolate.  In 2017, they began to release their perfected creations, made with Fair Trade cacao sourced from the Tumaco region of Colombia.  In Austin, they roast, crack, winnow, grind, flavor, temper and wrap all their bars by hand.  The layers of terroir run deep, and take our intuitions of combining cheese & chocolate into delightfully unexpected territory.

Tuesday, 2/8 - Cheese & Honey with Two Hives Honey

When West Texas-raised Tara Chapman got the beekeeping bug, a 2015 Austin Food & Wine Alliance grant helped launch her vision: Two Hives Honey.  With a goal of keeping bees localized to their native hives, and without additives like high fructose corn syrup or paraffin wax, Two Hives wrangles neighborhood micro-apiaries managed by unlikely beekeepers all across Central Texas.  With deep reflections of seasonality & terroir, Tara's dream of micro-apiaries truly captures the unique tastes of Texas. "Every neighborhood in Austin should have its own honey," Tara says.  And so it is!

Wednesday, 2/9 - Cheese & Mezcal with Susto Mezcal

Susto Mezcal, a project from Grupo Compadres, is the evolution of a long-standing friendship between two families in Austin, TX, and one in Oaxaca. The five partners began serious conversations about launching a mezcal that honored the craftsmanship of mezcaleros, while presenting the unique terroir of mezcal to Texas & beyond. They partnered with mezcalero Crispín Perez in 2017, a respected Oaxacan master mezcalero exclusively utilizing espadín joven agave, and Susto Mezcal officially came to life!

Thursday,  2/10 - Cheese & Wine with Wine for the People

Wine for the People is helmed by winemaker Rae Wilson, a food & wine industry veteran with roots as a sommelier.  Her wines are made from 100% Texas fruit and showcase the breadth of the state's distinctive terroir.  Based in Texas since 2005, Rae learned winemaking in Napa Valley and Portugal, and upon a return to Austin, established Wine For the People.  The winemaker's three labels (Dandy Rosé, The Grower Project & La Valentía) reflect their philosophy: wine should convey a sense of place.  Truly – a new generation of Texas wines.

Friday, 2/11 - Our Birthday! An Evening with John & Kendall Antonelli

Celebrating the 12th(!) anniversary of opening Antonelli's Cheese Shop, this annual event illustrates the vibrant path of proprietors John & Kendall Antonelli through a one-of-a-kind tasting journey.  In 2010, the newlyweds (former CPA John, and human rights advocate Kendall) radically changed course to live their passions, with a goal of nourishing and giving back to their community.  At this standalone event, John & Kendall personally welcome you into the turn-of-the-century Cheese House to guide you through their story – as told with cheeses (and curated food pairings!) that represent milestones, epiphanies, and treasured discoveries along the way.


Expect each tasting to be about 1 hour and a half, followed by the opportunity to purchase the cheese & sundries you tasted and have them brought to your seat! We look forward to getting cheese-y with you!

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Want to sit with specific people? Purchase all tickets on the same transaction. Please also note that our tables can only seat 7 people. Due to the size and shape of the Cheese House tasting room and the intimacy of the class, only groups that purchase tickets on one credit card will be seated together.

Please respect our event hosts’ goal to create a positive and unforgettable experience for all attendees. If your group is loud or disruptive, our event hosts will give you a warning. If they must address you a second time, you will be asked to leave the event with no refund given.

If your group is larger than 7, please inquiry about private tastings. Our public cheese classes are ideal for 1-7 people.

The Cheese House is BYOB (bring your own beverage). You can bring your own or order our selected wine pairings.

Order online today and add “Wine for Cheese Class on (Date)” into the order notes. We’ll have your order ready at the Pickup Window behind the shop just before class starts.

Bubbles are always our favorite pairing with cheese, including sparkling water, sodas, ciders, beer, and sparkling wines. Looking for specific wine pairings? A nice Sauvignon Blanc or light bodied red such as a Pinot Noir are always wonderful options!

In order to avoid product damage and reduced quality, we do not ship cheese event plates or cheese trays at this time.

Please check out our collections and on demand classes that are designed to survive the rigors of shipping.

For your convenience and to avoid wait times in the Cheese Shop, online orders should be picked up at our Pickup Window, located directly behind our cheese shop in the alley between Uncle Nicky’s and Julio’s. To avoid congestion, please do not pick up in the Cheese Shop.

Please plan to pick up your tray at your selected pickup time, noting we have a designated pickup window open daily from 11am-7pm.

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