KUNIK / Nettle Meadow

KUNIK / Nettle Meadow

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This mixed-milk triple-creme combines rich Jersey cow cream with bright goat milk in an exceptionally rich & tangy treat. Aged 3-6 weeks. (.5LBS PER WHEEL)

A Perfect Pairing
Experience Kunik’s layers of depth by itself, tasting from center to rind. Then, find higher heights with Fig & Black Tea Preserves and silky Creminelli Prosciutto.

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The Full Wheel
Cheesemakers Lorraine Lambiase and Sheila Flanagan keep a herd of three hundred goats and dozens of sheep. Originally founded in 1990, Nettle Meadow Farm is at the foothills of the Southern Adirondack Mountains in Warrensburg, New York. In line with our own “Do Good Eat Good” mission, The Kemp Animal Sanctuary at Nettle Meadow is home to over 130 rescued or retired animals. Kunik is made from mixed organic milks: goat’s milk and rich Jersey cow cream (which elevates Kunik to triple crème territory). Exhibits characteristic tang of goat’s milk (tempered with cream) for a smooth & decadent whipped-butter finish. Notice the white mushroom aroma of the rind, the array of textures throughout, and a vague hint of ‘funk’ within layers & layers of flavorful depth. 

Just The Facts

Cheese Style Soft-Ripened
Milk Type Cow-Goat
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Vegetable
Local New York
Country USA
Weight 1lb, 0.5lb, 0.25lb


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