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Bite sized chunks of fresh water buffalo cheese, marinated with herbs & spices in pure Texas extra virgin olive oil. (8.25OZ PER JAR)

A Perfect Pairing
Versatile and portable, first try these delightful bites all by themselves, then add cornichons & crackers to the mix for an epic picnic snack!

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The Full Wheel
Not just chefs, ranchers and cowboys, the founders of Blanco’s OroBianco Italian Creamery are also diligent stewards of land & livestock – proudly observing South Texas ranching traditions that enhance animal well-being, and the soil that sustains. The first and only water buffalo creamery in the state of Texas, OroBianco’s herd of approximately 400 water buffalo thrive on a grass-only diet with no growth hormones or antibiotics. Originally indigenous to Southeast Asia, water buffalo dwelled in the swamps and ate brush, eventually finding a home in Sicily before making their way to mainland Italy – where people started to uncover the magic of their milk. With this mojo, Orobianco robustly combines bite-sized cheese with select herbs & spices, and the native olive oil itself hits with citric lemon notes before hinting at the green brightness of a freshly cracked pecan. All-in-all, the perfect ‘sauce’ for these dense, palate-coating, vaguely grassy, and colorfully seasoned bites of cheese.

Just The Facts

Cheese Style Fresh
Milk Type Water Buffalo
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Microbial
Local Blanco, Texas
Country USA


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