CORNICHON / Beaufor / France
CORNICHON / Beaufor / France

CORNICHON / Beaufor / France

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Fantastic as a cheese pairing; brilliant as a palate cleanser – these little gherkins are a classic! (HALF POUND PACKAGE)

Flavor Profile:  Acidic, Savory, Pickled

Beverage Pairings:  Dry White Wine or Tripel Beer

Charcuterie Pairings: Prosciutto and Speck

Preserves Pairings:  Savory Jams that include onion or vegetables.

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In the Champagne region of Reims, these petite gherkins are harvested early, so that they're extra tart. A perfect partner for rich cheeses & meats, they're firm & crunchy in texture, and are pickled with tarragon (rather than dill), along with mustard seed & coriander. Chopped, they make a great addition to a pate, cheese spread or crusty baguette sandwich. Overall, these tiny little pickles with their rough and bumpy skins provide a contrasting & palette-cleansing, juicy & tart bite!


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