Cheese Classes

"I just wanted to say thank you. Our first cheese class was amazing; I am absolutely hooked. We will definitely be back for more. It was one of the most unique and fun things I have done in this town." - Kristy Owen, 365 Things to do in Austin

Named by Austin Monthly as one of the top things to do in the summer and lauded by others, including Zagat Austin, our classes have become known as an awesome way to spend the evening - whether you want to learn more about cheese or just want something fun to do. We truly love talking cheese; it's one of the best aspects of our jobs! Come let one of our cheesemongers guide you through an evening sharing cheese stories, histories, and lots of cheese tastings. Accompaniments include bread, olives, and nuts, as well as other pairings like preserves, chocolates, and more. You can elect to participate in our wine or beer pairings with your separate purchase through our Cheese Shop prior to the event. At the end of the class, we'll happily fresh-cut any cheese or other item sampled that evening for your purchase so you can recreate the evening at home with your friends.

We host all of our cheese classes and private events & tastings in our Cheese House located directly across the street from the Cheese Shop. The Cheese House has been home to many great Hyde Park businesses and recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. The history of the house lives on in the wood flooring and ceiling, the architecture, and the original fireplace mantel. We find the Cheese House to be the perfect rustic, yet elegant backdrop for our tastings and events. The Cheese House is located at 500 Park Boulevard. Access the Cheese House parking lot off of Duval Street just north of the house.

Please see our calendar of events page for future scheduled classes and ticket purchasing information.

Cheese 101: Seven Styles of Cheese

Our original, and most popular, class is "Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese." Our cheesemongers hand select one cheese from each of the seven styles that represent a robust and varied tasting to showcase the differences between milk types and styles. Because the cheeses are not chosen until the morning of the class, all tastings are unique. We hope that all of your questions will be answered but know that the more you learn about cheese, the more you will want to learn.

Cheese 201: Meet the Cheesemaker

You've listened to us talk; now it's time to hear it straight from the mouths of the cheesemakers themselves! Of course, because we like to talk about cheese and eat it, we'll still be around to guide the class. We'll spotlight 6-7 cheeses (depending on availability) from one cheesemaker, as well as hear from the cheesemaker about the history of his/her operation and the cheesemaking process. Some classes will include a live cheesemaking demo.

Our most popular Cheese 101: Seven Styles of Cheese class is $40 per person (plus tax and processing fees). Other tastings are $40-$45 per person (plus fees) depending on the theme and selection of cheeses. Tickets for our Cheese Tastings or other events may be purchased online through our calendar of events page. You may sign up for a maximum of four seats and please note that ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable to other dates. (If your party is larger than four guests, contact us for information on private parties and tastings.) Please note that children and infant friendly events will be marked on the calendar of events page.

A Taste of Place

This class features a country specific theme in which we discuss the history and terroir of the regions of a place. Our cheesemongers will select seven cheeses that represent the classic flavors of the area and offer pairings that complement and accentuate those tastes.

Taste Off!

In this series, we pit types of cheeses against each other, be it "Old World (European) versus New World (American)," "Sheep Milk vs. Goat Milk," and the list goes on. Expect to taste four rounds, for a total of eight different cheeses (and some additional pairings!).

Collaboration Series

Generally a pairing class, we invite a guest artisanal food producer to showcase their wares while talking about their production process, how they got started, and what makes them tick, among other topics. We'll pair the treats with six to seven cheeses while discussing pairing theories.


Our "One-of-a-Kind" series delves deep into a particular group of cheeses, allowing you to taste the nuances within the category. Class examples include horizontal tastings of specific milk types (all sheep, goat, or cow) or style types (like all cheddars, blues, etc.). We'll feature seven different cheeses and accompaniments, pairings, and palate cleansers that highlight our selections.