1655 GRUYERE / Le Cret / Switzerland / Raw Cow / Firm / antonellishcheese.com
1655 GRUYERE / Le Cret / Switzerland / Raw Cow / Firm / antonellishcheese.com
1655 GRUYERE / Le Cret

1655 GRUYERE / Le Cret

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This super nutty, grassy, and sweet alpine cheese is a classic for grilled cheese, fondue, and as a sumptuous addition to a cheese plate. Aged 3-6 months. (PRICE PER POUND)

A Perfect Pairing
This super-fine cheese is the perfect companion for a crisp white wine, such as Civitas Pecorino; and crunchy Mini-Toasts drives each bite out of the park! Add a spoon of your favorite European-style mustard for a home run.

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The Full Wheel
Since 1916, Fromagerie Le Crêt has been making stellar cheese near Gruyere’s namesake Canton of Fribourg. Jean-Marie Dunand runs the village dairy at 3,000 ft above sea level, contributing to the partnership between Fromagerie Le Cret and the Affineurs at Fromage Gruyère SA. The story behind the name: In 1655,a nobleman's carriage was being attacked by thieves near the home of local cheesemakers, the Rime brothers. The brothers fought off the thieves and then fed the nobleman some of their homemade Gruyere cheese. Weeks later, one of the nobleman's crew came back to tell the Rime brothers they would be paid handsomely to make cheese for the nobleman. This cheese has been made since, and is now called "1655" to celebrate that event. Marked by a fresh cream blast, bright fruity flavor, deep and structured nuttiness and an even, toothsome body studded with crunchy crystals. Only wheels that have been rigorously tested and awarded the highest grade are selected to bear the 1655 mark – this cheese shines above other Gruyeres.

Just The Facts

Cheese Style Firm
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Raw
Rennet Type Traditional
Local Fribourg
Country Switzerland
Weight 0.5lb, 0.25lb, 1lb


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