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Cheese With Purpose

On our honeymoon over a decade ago, John turned to Kendall and said, “I want to quit my job and do something in cheese. I just want to make people happy.” All jokes about annulment aside, Kendall was all in as we set out to find our passion with purpose. We found that in spreading joy through the perfect bite, telling the story of artisanal producers, and bringing people together through shared food experiences. And that’s when we landed on our mission: Do Good. Eat Good. Thankfully, that mission - and all the good food - resonated with you. We’ve won numerous awards, hosted tens of thousands of folks in tastings, and helped keep makers making. We promise to treat your dollar responsibly, as we support small and artisan food makers, nonprofits, and our community. Thank you for trusting us with that, and for making it possible. We are grateful for you.

Curated Tastings

We are the leader in curating global cheeses tastings. Let us bring together your team and clients for a unique shared experience around food. Leveraging our partners around the globe we are able to curate a one of a kind experience for your company. Boxes are shipped to arrive within a week of the tasting with video instructions on how to prepare for the event.


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