Shipping Policy

Local Delivery Rates

  • Dependent on delivery address - $15+
Antonelli's Cheese Club
  • Your cheese will be shipped on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
  • It will be sent Ground or Home Delivery within Texas, and 2 day outside of Texas, within the U.S. only. 
  • We cannot reroute shipments or make changes within 72 hours of the ship date.
Holiday Shipping
  • Halloween - We are offering a box of our favorite Halloween Candies that pair amazing with cheese.  Will ship 10/24.
  • Thanksgiving - We are offering a box of products that will go great with the flavors of Thanksgiving.  Will ship 11/20.
  • December: We are offering shipping on 12/11-12/13 and 12/18-12/20 on a first come first serve basis.   

Common Shipping Questions

Is Odor Normal?
  • Yes! Stinky cheese is good! Depending on the style of cheese (especially bloomy-rinded, washed rinds, and blue cheeses), your shipment may have a strong odor. That's okay! This odor is not indicative of quality, nor spoilage.
Should ice packs be frozen?
  • We pack our shipments to last 48 hours. When they leave our warehouse, ice packs are frozen and perishables are fridge temp. They will both gradually warm throughout the shipping process. By the time they reach you, ice packs may be completely thawed. As long as the contents inside the insulation are not hot, you can safely refrigerate your perishables to be enjoyed later. Fun Fact: Many cheeses spend the majority of their maturation process in aging temps upwards of 70*. And in cooler countries, many cheeses are rarely refrigerated at all.
How do I know who sent me this gift?
  • For Antonelli's Cheese Club: There should be a gift note inside your box. If you don't see it there, please email with your name and inquiry.
  • For Holiday shipping boxes: There should be a gift note inside your box.  If you don't see it there, please email with your name and inquiry.