Health & Safety

General Safe Operations:

  • We have all licensing, permits, and certifications required to operate a food establishment safely, and we follow suggested requirements like wearing head coverings.
  • Every team member has a Food Handler's Permit and is TABC certified.
  • Each location operates under a manager with a Food Manager Certification.
  • While not required, we wear vinyl or latex gloves when handling cheese. 
  • Every team member takes regular training on allergens, cross-contamination, knife and slicer safety, and more.
  • Note: Cheese handling does not fall under Texas Cottage Laws, meaning that individuals are not allowed to safely build cheese trays out of their homes. For the sake of all artisanal producers, please buy cheese and charcuterie prepared in health inspected facilities.
  • Have a safety concern? Please contact us so we can remedy it.

Covid-19 Response (Updated Nov 2021):

  • We monitor updates and follow guidance from the WHO, CDC, and City of Austin.
  • Team members must pass a daily health screening to attend work.
  • Due to the Delta variant, our team members are still wearing masks. We kindly ask all shoppers to wear masks. A mask and sanitizer station is set up at the storefront should you forget. Why? Quite simply, we have a small team. If we have to stay home due to exposure (or worse receive a positive case on our team), we will have no one to show up and run the store, putting our business at risk. So we're staying as safe as we can to get through the holiday season.
  • We have created a pickup window for those who do not want to go inside the shop. Simply preorder online, then pick up your order at your designated time. The pickup window is located behind the shop; go down the alley between Uncle Nicky's and Julio's. Open daily 11-7.

Thank you for your support!