Our Texas Partners

Image of different cups of pure luck's fresh goat cheese

Pure Luck Dairy

Long-time friend of the business Amelia Sweethardt crafts award-winning fresh goat’s milk cheeses at her Dripping Springs farmstead.

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Picture of a baby goat, all white, sitting in dirt.

CKC Farms

Chrissy Grundy started cheesemaking at 18 after an inspirational trip to Europe and crafts some of the finest goat cheeses in Central Texas.

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This is an image of the River whey creamery logo that includes a cheese maiden dipping her hand into a vat of milk

River Whey Creamery

Susan Rigg’s ACS American Originals are inspired by the classic cheeses of Europe with a unique Texas flair.

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This is an image of the logo of Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese which shows a wedge of cheese on the outline of Texas

Eagle Mountain Farmhouse

The father and son team of Dave and Matt Eagle craft European-inspired raw cow’s milk cheeses, highlighted by their signature Granbury Gold Gouda.

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Image of wheels of cheese aging on wood racks.


Robert Ragels boasts a healthy herd of beautiful Nubian and Alpine goats, whose hard work goes into some of Texas’s only raw aged goat’s milk cheeses.

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Image of the Veldhuizen Cheese Logo.  It includes a cow and a man stirring a vat of milk.

Veldhuizen Cheese

Chelsey Veldhuizen-Brown and family run this impressive farmstead operation, with one of Texas’s only flocks of sheep for cheesemaking.

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This image is of the logo of Lira Rossa artisan cheese company

Lira Rossa

Andrea and Jillian Cudin craft incredible Italian-style cheeses at the Four E Dairy in Moulton, inspired by Andrea’s Friuli roots.

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This is the image of a piece of cheese wrapped in wax paper with a sticker for Dos Lunas Artisan Cheese

Dos Lunas

Joaquin Avellan crafts beautiful raw cheeses inspired by his native Venezuela, using only grass-fed cows milk from Schulenberg.

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This is an image of the logo of Mozzarella Company that includes an image of Paula Lambert the founder.

Mozzarella Company

One of the famed “Ladies of the 80’s” Paula Lambert has been crafting fresh cheeses in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas for over 3 decades.

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This image is of the logo for Texas Iberico.

Texas Iberico

Their flock flown straight from Spain, this ranch in Menard crafts only the real deal with happy, Animal Welfare Approved 100% Iberico Hogs.

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This is an image of the logo for Visca Charcuterie which includes different types of meat hanging on string.

Visca Charcuteria

European salumi master-trained Eugene Watson crafts some of Central Texas’s finest European style salamis and Bresaola.

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This image is the logo for The Salumeria which is text and a picture of an oak tree.

The Salumeria

Anthony and Gerardo hand-raise their happy hogs, and craft family charcuterie and salami recipes at their beautiful aging room in Dripping Springs.

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This image is text that says "Round Rock Jelly & Co."

Round Rock Jelly & Co

Sheri uses only organic fruits for her unique and smooth jellies with a Texas twist.

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