Farm Tours

We've got connections. How about a dinner under the setting sun at a nearby goat farm? Enjoy goat cuddles, lots of bubbles, and a delicious dinner in an open air (screened in) setting.

Bus Tours

Our bus tours are a great way to get out and about in the Austin area. Whether visiting a local dairy, or giving us free rein to schedule tasting bites with some of our wholesale clients, you are sure to enjoy the whole day. Consider adding Kendall or John as the MC. Maybe they'll throw some karaoke into the mix.

Guided Tasting Classes

Enjoy one of our classic in person Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese. We started with this class back in September 2010 and it continues to be our most popular. Its a no stress way to eat your way through a half pound of cheese and pairings. This was the event that started it all.

Raclette Night

Ooey, gooey melty cheese. This life-altering experience is certianly an experiential dining event. Guests melt their raclette cheese, scraping it on their chosen pile of potatoes, cured meats, pickles, bread, and greens. A signature event - and one you'll be hard pressed to find in Austin. (Note: We also have a "Raclette Kit Rental" if you want to DIY this at home!)

Virtual Experiences

We were the first to launch a "Cheese Class in a Box." It comes with a box of cheeses and pairings (depending on your desired theme), as well as a recorded video of the Antonellis guiding you through the tasting. Enjoy it on your own, or send it to friends and family across the US and get on your own zoom to do the tasting together. Yes, we can still break bread together, even when we're apart. An Award-Winner!

Book the Antonellis

Both Kendall and John are public speakers, have emceed events, and are Certified Cheese Professionals. Upgrade your event to be hosted by one (or both) of them, or book them for one of their motivational talks!