Cheese Class Offerings

“One of the best food experiences of my life!”

Cheese class? Yes! Whether you’re simply looking for a delicious and entertaining night out or you want to learn more about cheese (and pairings), our public events provide the perfect “edutainment.”

We offer 20+ different tasting events regularly, as well as change up our cheese menu often. And with our awesome team of Certified Cheese Professionals and Cheese Hosts, no two events are ever the same. So, we encourage you to come take a class with us - and better yet - come back again and again for a bespoke experience each time.

Regular Offerings

Cheese 101: The 7 Styles of Cheese

Our first ever guided tasting that put us on the map and earned us accolades for best food events and best date nights. Comes not only with seven cheeses, but also your best bet for the most diversity in food pairings, from honey to cured meats to preserves to chocolate. You’ll get Cheese 101, as well as tasting and pairing theories. We’ve had one customer take this class over 20 times - and said every time is a different experience. Come one, come all, come join us!

Pairing Series

Sweet. Salt. Bitter. Sour. Umami. This series is all about highlighting the 5 different tastes, as well as exploring the vast array of aromas and flavors created by combining some of our favorite foods. Depending on the topic, we explore the diversity in artisanal foods, comparing concepts like single-origins, mono-florals, and bean-to-bar definitions.

  • Chocolate & Cheese
  • Charcuterie (cured meats) & Cheese
  • Pickles & Cheese
  • Honey & Cheese
  • Preserves & Cheese
  • Conservas (tinned seafoods) & Cheese

Taste Of Place Series

Perhaps you want to reminisce about a favorite trip or prepare for an upcoming adventure. Or you’re stuck at home but need an escape. Or maybe, you’re not convinced that the USA is making some darn good cheese. Join us to explore the terroir, or specificity of a region, and everything that goes into making an artisanal cheese non-replicable anywhere else.

  • Taste of France
  • Taste of Spain
  • Taste of Italy
  • Taste of Ireland 
  • Taste of the USA
  • Taste of Texas
  • Taste of California
  • Taste of Wisconsin
  • Taste of Vermont

Dinner Series

Less talking, more eating. We get it. Sometimes, you don’t want us to tell you why a specific bite is awesome. When that’s the case, join us for a scrumptious shared experience where we introduce the menu for the evening but turn it over to you to guide your own adventure.

  • Raclette Night - booked by the group (1 ticket = 6 people)
  • Date Night - booked by the couple (1 ticket = 2 people)
  • Fondue Night - booked by the couple (1 ticket = 2 people)

Indulgent Series

Sometimes, more is more. When you’re really looking to treat yourself, join us for this tasting that’s extra.

  • Caviar, Champagne, and Cheese

Limited Yearly Offerings


While we always think the cheese can stand alone, we realize it’s more fun with friends. We love to team up with other locally-owned businesses for some tried and true - and some innovative - cheese pairing events.

  • Tiny Pies
  • Two Hives Honey
  • Confituras
  • Medici
  • Dolce Neve

Farm Experiences

Cheese is a labor of love. Often romanticized, few folks know what really goes into crafting these artisanal comestibles. While it’s our job to tell that story, we also love getting you as close to the source as possible - enter farm tours! Put your boots on, get out of the city, and take a walk alongside some goats. Of course, we’ll eat a lot of cheese too.

  • Cheese-y Bus Tours
  • Bubbles, Brunch, and Goats at Bee Tree Farm

Novelty & Seasonal Series

Food should be fun, and that includes cheese. We’ve been pairing up cheese with anything we can get our hands - and mouths - on, for as long as we’ve been around. Embrace your inner child, let your hair down, and come enjoy some atypical pairings and seasonal treats.

  • Girl Scout Cookies & Cheese
  • Valentine’s Candy & Cheese
  • Easter Candy & Cheese
  • Mother’s Day Brunch
  • Father’s Day Brunch
  • Halloween Candy & Cheese
  • Taste of the Holidays

Cheese Brings People Together.

We believe there's no better way to come together than over artisinal food and beverages. Allow us to do the heavy-lifting for you as you sit back, relax, and appreciate!