Bridal & Wedding

We love love. We are our own love story, after all. And we love celebrating all the milestones along the way, from Bridal Showers to Bachelorette Parties to Weddings ... and maybe even Baby Showers.

Venue Rental - Cheese House

Perhaps you've got all the details figured out, but you just need a place to host your celebration. You're welcome to rent our 100-year old Cheese House, nestled in historic Hyde Park neighborhood. Can comfortably seat 28 for guided tasting or up to 50 with a mixture of seating and standing availability.

Cheese Trays & Grazing Tables

Order a selection of various cheese trays for your event and arrange them into a visually-stunning grazing table. Perfect for your guests to pick and choose their favorite bites and pairings! 

Private Tasting Events

If you'd like one of our cheesemongers to guide you through a tasting as you celebrate, we've got you covered. Make sure to ask about our wine flight add-ons for your event - you're gonna need some bubbles to celebrate too!