Corporate Team Building

If we've learned anything as we've been in business, it's that our team members are our lifeblood. And they deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. Plus, teams that have fun together outside the office are more productive in the office. Let us help you treat your team to a one-of-a-kind experience.

On a Bus, On A Boat, On a Farm or With a Goat...

The possibilities are endless. We can host your team in our 100-year old Cheese House, at your office or chosen venue, or on one of our Cheese-y Bus Tours. We've also hosted global teams, shipping cheese around the world for virtual guided tasting experiences. Events can range from 1 hour to 4+ hours depending on your preferred experience.

Host(ess) with the Mostest

We're in the hospitality business, which means we know how to serve guests. Our goal is to provide an intentional, delicious, educational, fun experience. People have different needs, and our goal is to recognize and serve each one of your people, making sure they feel seen and appreciated.

Knowledgeable Food Guides

We have ten Certified Cheese Professionals on our team. We know cheese, and we know specialty food. Over 6 of our team members have judged food competitions, from cheese to preserves. Let us wow your team with our palates. More importantly, let us wow their palates!

Add On The Antonellis

Book John, Kendall, or both of them to guide your tasting, share their "Passion with Purpose" TedX talk, or present on a number of topics ranging from mental health, success (and failure), and finding balance.

Ready To See Your Team Smile?!

Because we're ready to get cheese-y with your team.